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In the main, they believed that the socio-religious freedoms that the organizations afforded the bondspeople would to some extent pacify them and reduce their tendency to insurrect.
Lastly, the Strategic Question of an insurrection in the Islamic World will always remain for there will always be a group of Muslims to insurrect, because, one is in a bargain in which life is treated as a weapon system.
It is because it is no longer worth doing anything else except to insurrect.
So we decided to insurrect, to assume a fictional center and push the dominant culture to the margins--treat it as exotic and unfamiliar, and anthropologize it.
1 I don't deny the saviour "Q" I postulate prepuce of "Q" the dirty human girded back the human crupper insurrect -
There's details of the INSURRECT Project, aimed at Interactive Teaching of Surgery to Remote Centres, which is being developed by six United Kingdom universities.