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(17) Altogether, women are insusceptible for a median of 11.1 months in the capital versus 15.0 months in the country as a whole.
It declines to maintain exclusive order of a domestic legal system insusceptible to an international legal order.
[T]he land is indispensable to our existence, thus a common thing and insusceptible of appropriation; but land is much scarcer than the other elements [air, sunlight, etc.], and so its use most be regulated not for the profit of a few but in the interest and for the security of all.
He rebelled against this awareness which was forcing itself upon him, mobilized all his strength to destroy it, but it remained intact, as if some part of his mind, insusceptible to reason, kept registering the girl's presence.
Thanks to the intrinsic limit cycle characteristic of the CPGs that is insusceptible to small perturbations, the CPG-based control method provides the possibility to abruptly vary control parameters, while ensuring smooth variations of swimming gaits.
These conclusions are otherwise unobtainable from an analysis which fails to account for a cured or insusceptible fraction of the population.
Nagda et al., "Comparison of pathology insusceptible A/J and resistant C57BL/6J mice after infection with different sub-strains of Plasmodium chabaudi" Experimental Parasitology, vol.
The anti-regulation stance is particularly connected with Hayek's view of the economy as a 'complex system', insusceptible to forecasting (148-9).
L'empereur rappelle donc que le locus religiosus est insusceptible d'appropriation ou de revendication a cause du statut des res religiosae qui deroge au droit commun des biens.
Yet, the application of miRNAs therapeutics in AT in vivo is poorly investigated because fat cells are insusceptible to selective transfer of exogenous nucleotide due to the containing lipid droplets of adipocytes.
Pero no hay individuo que no sea capaz de comprender un determinado grupo de ideas e insusceptible a los afectos que les da vida.
An illuminating parallel can again be found in Moravia's La noia where Dino, reflecting on his passivity during the ventennio, realises that what made him insusceptible both to promises and threats of fascist collectivity, was "soltanto la noia, ossia, l'impossibilita di stabilire un rapporto qualsiasi tra me e quel bando" (12).