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After extracted seeds have been stored for 12 days, there was still 98% germination if the seeds were demucilaged, but germination percentage in intact seeds declined to below 20% in seeds stored for same period (Figure 1, primary axis).
For the amputee, kinematic measurements were performed on both legs: the right leg had the prosthesis, and the left was intact. In the control group, measurements involved only the subjects' right legs.
Overall, our data support the conclusion that the Beckman and Roche intact assays predominantly recognize the intact form of PTH or that the plasma concentrations of fragments that are retained in chronic kidney disease are strongly correlated to the concentration of intact PTH in plasma.
Detached intact leaves floated 24 hours on control media contained 341 +/- 88 ng/g ABA while IAA treated detached intact leaves contained 260 +/- 61 ng/g ABA.
Also, since different prostheses were worn by the participants with TTA, local bilateral differences for specific discrete measures were assessed through calculation of individual SI values (SI (%) = [([X.sub.i] - Xp/0.5([X.sub.i] + [X.sub.p])] x 100, where [X.sub.i] = variable for the intact limb and [X.sub.p] = corresponding variable for the prosthetic limb).
Video footages showed Zobel's apparently expensive stone coffin housed in a sealed wooden casket and the intact remains of the late actress.
B-Square's next-generation INTACT Nano ERP represents a game changing opportunity for business.
The Pectoralis major and the Gastrocnemiu pars extrna fiber areas in the capons were significantly (p<0.05) smaller than those in the intact birds.
The interdental brush is an easy to use, self-care aid, but is it effective for treating early disease when the papilla is intact?
leprae, as a model for released antigens in treated individuals and compared that level of complement fixation to live, intact, bacteria.
JV Ejercito, who lost his reelection bid in this year's midterm elections, said he is leaving the upper chamber with his integrity "intact." Ejercito made the statement as he accepted his defeat hours before the proclamation of winning senators Wednesday morning.