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As Figure 1 attempts to demonstrate, perceived changes in treatment or unmet expectations can produce movement between intactness and violation.
For example, if parents who eventually split up provide a different home environment, even while married, than do parents who always remain together, then the sibling's intactness indicator might be correlated with unobserved determinants of own achievement and henc e not a valid instrument.
Assessments for the patient with a lumbar drain include neurologic status, color and amount of spinal fluid, intactness of lumbar drain system and signs of meningeal irritation.
The prices of dekblaad with a physical intactness of 30%-40% were around Rp 1.
Nor, however, does it lie toward the totally redeposited, mixed end of the intactness spectrum.
that the price of his intactness was incompleteness" (Fitzgerald 1986b, 115).
No, no of course its not Anth of the pearly teeth, playfully tousled hair and fifth form intactness.
intactness, typically by situating the site and origin of
On the relationship between aggressive activation, symbiotic merging, intactness of body boundaries, and manifest pathology in schizophrenics.
What is captured on film are the last few minutes of each delivery -- the point of interest being the squatting posture and intactness of the perineum, which in many North American deliveries is routinely cut.
Masters (1969) and Mare (1980) further underscored the importance of family intactness by indicating thai students from broken homes are not likely to find the support and encouragement they need to keep them in school.