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Certainly he was puppyish in showing no mating instinct despite anatomical intactness.
High voltage (HV) porosity testing is the only truly reliable method for verifying the intactness of corrosion-protection coatings on marine structures and the new POROSCOPE series has been developed specifically to meet the extremely harsh conditions in off-shore environments.
Intactness of the vertebrae is assessed, as well as evidence of a sac-like protrusion.
A completion contrast study (abscessogram) is recommended to check for the intactness of the cavity and for any retained stones.
1980) to the relative intactness of mussel fauna over time in the Pomme de Terre River, Missouri (Klippel et al, 1978).
Only three other temperate rainforests share the distinction of relative intactness with those of this region: portions of the Valdivia rainforests of Chile and Argentina, cool-temperate rainforests of the Russian Far East and inland southern Siberia, and ancient Gondwana temperate rainforests of Tasmania.
Ecosystems with low levels of vegetation intactness and low climate stability would be most at risk and would require significant levels of investment to achieve conservation outcomes.
Al-Hawaj expressed assuredness and optimism about the future of Bahraini familial firms which have proven their perpetual intactness and dynamism and the capability of grandchildren to learn latest advanced management sciences whilst upholding the wisdom and moral ethics of the forefathers.
Global systems evaluate the overall intactness of the reproductions.
Dissociation is a survival strategy, necessary to maintain the sense of intactness of the self by separating the self from its noxious experience, which may include the experience of the absence of the other, but it leaves at the core of the self a void where the dissociated experience ought to be lodged.
In addition, the SQ insertion site is assessed for irritation, ecchymosis, and dressing intactness.
These are determined attempts to exist with some kind of internal intactness.