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Also look carefully at the stone or intaglio to see if it has an undue amount of wear or damage, although certain chips and cracks are to be expected.
4-6 from tomb 145/1985) and all four intaglios from the other archaeological finds in Slovakia.
Another untitled intaglio from 1963 centers on a totcmic, Klee-esque form; a drawing in red ink, likewise dated 1963, allows a buzzing series of horizontals to thicken at the center into another fingerprint, or an off-kilter rising sun, or an eye, or a blood spot.
The picture above shows a group of 1st century BC intaglios mounted as a necklace sometime in the 19th century and almost certainly brought back from a visit to Italy.
This color-illustrated work is a supplement to A Collection of Classical and Eastern Intaglios, Rings and Cameos (2003), which showcased a large private collection formed mainly in Italy from the 1920s to the 1960s.
Soon after making this Dunham produced four grand-scale intaglios with central anvil-shaped forms.
Intaglios, cameos and a variety of other hardstone items of the period all sold exceedingly well, together with some fine boxes led by two exquisite silver-mounted tortoiseshell caddies and a collection of etui (tiny workboxes).
Lot 1624: a collection of moulded plaster impressions of classical subjects called intaglios, some of which are pictured here, was purchased as someone's Grand Tour souvenir.
In the February 2008 issue of Apollo, Sir John Boardman described how he was devoting himself to the reconstruction of the most important 18th-century English private collection of cameos and intaglios, that of George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough (1739-1817).
A sampling of the 16 essay topics includes royal representations, the shift from equestrian to armorial seal, seals of queens, the use of ancient intaglios, and seals of Swedish towns before 1350.