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28) Finally, they offer an otherwise absent explanation of why and how intangibility should continue to limit patent-eligible subject matter, even in today's knowledge economy.
With regard to the control based on companies' size, it was observed that among the companies that have total assets smaller than the median of their country of origin, there was a positive and significant relationship of the ICDI with Intangibility (0.
That research investigates the correlation among the degree of intangibility and the performance indicators.
The two Parties have consistently invoked in their pleadings either the principle of the intangibility of boundaries inherited from colonization or the uti possidetis iuris principle.
Tourism represents the subsector of service delivery characterised by intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability, and we believe that the findings are applicable to other firms delivering services with the same characteristics.
intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity, perishability) of service products are not applicable to other functional aspects of sporting events (e.
Fado Resounding is a compelling examination of fado, a genre that has eluded critical study in its foundational claims to intangibility and restricted spaces of production.
In service sector, intangibility attributes more significance to branding because insurance is more intangible than other services.
The nitrogen cycle is a challenging subject for historical research, not only for its intangibility but also for its ubiquitousness and centrality to human existence.
Three studies on the relation between intangible assets and superior and sustained performance are of particular relevance: Villalonga (2004) compared the return on assets (ROA) of each firm in a sample of US firms to the respective sector average and found intangible assets to have a significant influence on superior performance, thereby concluding intangibility was responsible for sustained performance.