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Even though intangible assets are not widely accepted as collateral, there does remain a trend in the US market to lend against these types of assets.
economy, the country is still largely failing to acknowledge the real value of these intangible assets and to provide innovative companies with the funding they need to capitalize on them.
As an industry, the average intangible asset (IA) index ranking in August 2007 placed the insurance sector in the 63rd percentile.
Internal/y generated intangible assets includes items created or produced by the government itself, or by a contracting party acting on its behalf.
MTI Consulting, an international business strategy consulting firm with an office in Bahrain, sensed the increasing importance for companies to value their intangible assets.
Establishing a specified-conditions approach to recognizing intangible assets that are internally generated;
141, to recognize an acquired intangible asset apart from goodwill, one of two criteria needs to be met (either or both criteria can meet the requirements).
The intangible assets transferred to Buyer 2 were divided into the same broad categories as related to the transfer to Buyer 1.
Your camp's good reputation is another example of an intangible asset.
Thus, for example, if an intangible asset is, let's say, a noncompete covenant lasting five years and valued at $150,000, the taxpayer gets to write off only $10,000 per year for taxes (but must write off--deduct from income--$30,000 a year for five years for financial reporting).