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There was passion in the stands and flashpoints on the field, yet there was something intangibly tepid about the Magpies' first trip to one of the latest additions to the footballing map.
Giulia Loli (DJ Mutamassik) wants to go beyond making people dance, to induce "that intangibly sublime quality of music that makes all feel connected to the greater pulse that runs the universe.
Throughout his philosophical activity, '[t]he philosopher strives to find the saving word, that is, the word that finally permits us to grasp what until now has intangibly weighed down our consciousness' (Philosophy 165).
17) Prior to the development of sound reproduction technology, music was generally preserved tangibly in writing and intangibly in human memory.
Oh Minnows could be a subdued, somehow intangibly English answer to Owl City; however, Steel-Nicholson drapes the electronica over a solid backbone of percussion, giving a unique sound.
To be within boundaries, controlled and manipulated from afar ('from defended above'), indirectly, intangibly.
Whatever the benefits are for Walmart, and tangibly and intangibly they promise to be ample, the retailer must be applauded for taking this step.
His museum would house more than 2,000 pieces of rare art, be given a $200 million endowment, create desperately needed jobs, become a major tourist attraction and intangibly add rich benefits to our civic landscape.
SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION The development of digital products that can be intangibly distributed to customers makes a contribution to sustainable consumption by drastically reducing resources in production.
Whatever Jon and Stef do, if they are able to transfer what they do intangibly basketball-wise, they will be successful and truly happy in life and enjoy it," Donnelly said.
In this way, one can connect with the continent both tangibly and intangibly, and create a platform from which to repeatedly score goals of your own.
Thus, their father-son baseball connection is sealed off in a very concrete way so that catch for Michael and his father can exist only intangibly.