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Rather it stands with the handful of poems in the twentieth century which, however intangibly, affect the political context they describe.
Whatever Jon and Stef do, if they are able to transfer what they do intangibly basketball-wise, they will be successful and truly happy in life and enjoy it," Donnelly said.
In this way, one can connect with the continent both tangibly and intangibly, and create a platform from which to repeatedly score goals of your own.
Thus, their father-son baseball connection is sealed off in a very concrete way so that catch for Michael and his father can exist only intangibly.
Even more intangibly, how will unintended economic and social ripple effects impact the ability to build, maintain, and deploy the military?
Readers will find themselves frustrated by intangibly vague formulations such as the following sentence, which unfortunately sums up a large portion of argument: "The theoretical overlap that remains is intended to emphasize the shared core of the readings and to promote the metaphilosophical argument of the book as a whole regarding intellectual attunement and the meaning of understanding" (xiv).
Each contributes, tangibly or intangibly, at different points in the process, and the continued good-faith exchanges build bonds of openness and trust between them.
Yet realistically in terms of capabilities, and intangibly in terms of political will and public support, Germany will not be able to offer much more for the foreseeable future, and Schroeder therefore deserved more recognition for what he did and for which he finally paid the ultimate political price.
Int'l Trade 2005) (remanding for a factual and legal analysis of Labor's position that software transmitted intangibly is not an article).
More intangibly, we reward these professionals with prestige, respect, and in many cases trust.
found peace fighting for something intangibly tangible: the future amity and tranquillity of the fair green colony he loved, and of the brave happy brownskins he came to love, too'.
They are measured intangibly by the absence of their undesirable consequences, which are also difficult to quantify (Heinsohn and Cimbala 2003).