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INTEGER. Whole, untouched. Res integra means a question which is new and undecided. 2 Kent, Com. 177.

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Implementation of large-integer arithmetic requires a collection of routines to perform the basic arithmetic operations as well as ancillary functions like basic input and output of large integers, bit shifting, initialization and comparison of large integers, and perhaps conversion of large integers from one base to another.
So in this case, the equation has also no positive integer solutions.
I need to find the integer values of k for which k(9k - 100) is a perfect square.
Subsequent chapters present algebraic and geometric basic concepts of linear programming theory and network flows needed for understanding integer programming.
We are grateful to our partner AT&T Mobility and we are here to fully support the ever-changing AT&T Mobility business and its retail store network," said Curt Johnson, SVP of Integer Atlanta.
and if n is even, say, n = 2m for some integer m > 1, then from Lemma 1.
This method of memorizing i integers has been applied to one special numeric sequence--one's telephone number.
For example, suppose that the number of digits in a target integer is N and the number of digits is doubled to 2N.
This new study from Integer Research contains essential analysis of Euro VI and the heavy/medium-duty commercial vehicle market, Euro 6 and the passenger car and light-duty markets as well as the European AdBlue Market.
TBWA\RAAD Group Managing Director, Reda Raad, said; "In line with our policy of service diversification, Integer adds a new layer of expertise and strategic capability to our regional offering and helps us deliver even greater ROI to our clients.
The problem is interesting, because it has the close relationship with the positive integer solutions of the indefinite equation
0 can now deliver multiple solutions, not just a single best solution, for integer programming and global optimization problems.