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INTEGER. Whole, untouched. Res integra means a question which is new and undecided. 2 Kent, Com. 177.

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Integer Wireless specializes in designing, building and optimizing reliable, highly secure in-building and wide-area wireless networks for healthcare, hospitality, general enterprise, aerospace, corporate campuses, public sports and entertainment venues, retail and government facilities.
So in the worst-case scenario, there is no way for Q to avoid wasting time [gamma]-comparing the target integer with subset-sums that do not match the target integer.
For an odd integer q [greater than or equal to] 3 we have
This asymmetry is analogous to the one between integer factorization and integer multiplication.
Indeed, exact sampling formulae on integer lattices exist for B-spline Riesz sequence subspaces of orders 1 and 2 whose reconstruction functions are translates of the B-spline functions.
N] secret key of A and k is the largest positive integer less than [phi](N) relatively prime with [phi](N).
Most computer systems in use today use two's complement format to represent signed integer values.
They are the ultimate theorems in the theory of representations of integers as sums of squares.
How are integers and integer addition defined in the card game?
On 20 April 2017, the Tenderers received unconditional consent from the antitrust authorities to acquire shares in the tender offer for Integer.
The structure of the paper is as follows: the next section is a preliminary discussion; the third section describes the formulation of integer programing problem using the proposed model; the fourth section presents some illustrative examples to put on view how the approach can be applied; the last section summarizes the conclusions and gives an outlook for future research.
Integer is good to use instead of byte in most cases because integer is more common and transportable to other systems.