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Second, the US doctrine does not incorporate notions of integrality or continuity, and so avoids the unpredictability of the application by courts of those very vague concepts to the practices of people who belong to another cultural community.
If this succession had significance, it signifies the integrality of generations and consistency for serving our homeland and cause.
The narrative model of yin-yang alternation and interaction can be brought into operation only after this six-line structure has been formed, and only then is it possible to discuss the integrality and complexity of the narrative model.
In effect, the critical (or a-critical) grid of integrality is foregrounded in the very first and very long sentence of Tentative d'epuisement d'un lieu parisien:
Finally, equation (9) and (10) represent the integrality and non-negativity constraints.
Without this kind of hybridity, a literary tradition might well remain integral, but if we are to be brutally honest it will be, to all intents and purposes, a mute integrality.
The spiritual and communal integrality of students and teachers allows these tools to be put to effective use.
The deconstruction of Christianity comes down to this: an operation of disassembling, focusing on the origin or the sense of deconstruction--a sense that does not belong to deconstructions, that makes it possible but does not belong to it, like an empty slot that makes the structure work (the question being to know how to fill the empty slot without overturning in the process the integrality of the integrity of the Christianity we are trying to disassemble).
The increase in proline content might contribute to osmotic adjustment, and hence sustained cytomembrane integrality in structure and function under drought conditions.
a company developing patented appetite and weight control products and Integrality, Inc.
In such cases, the principle of gradual integrality can help.