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Here we give a complete characterization about the integrality of the symmetric algebra of the edge ideal of simple graphs and investigate the reducedness of such an algebra.
While this raises a number of issues, the issues of integrality and when (or why) a practice, custom, or tradition became "integral" are the most significant here.
This is part of a broader research project entitled "Network of Integrality of Care to the Crisis and Care Strategies With Risk Classification in Mental Health", whose methodological path consisted of different stages developed over 24 months (August 2010 to July 2012) with the following components of the local RAPS: Mobile Emergency Attendance Service (SAMU), four psychosocial care centers/CAPS (being one type II, one type III and two alcohol and drugs/ad), three Immediate care centers (UPA), three public urgent care and emergency hospitals, one psychiatric hospital.
Increasing VEGF level helps maintain the integrality and normal permeability of maternal blood vessels and is significant for regulating###maternal###cardiovascular###adaptation to pregnancy.
The most important source of knowledge about the human body in the early medieval legal codes of Germanic people, explains Tyszka, are the regulation on varied crimes against the integrality and inviolability of the living human body.
Sustained on the principle of integrality, or comprehensiveness, and defined as the first level of health care, responsible for the articulation of actions for health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and disorders, PHC has been viewed as the main entrance to the health system and an approach that supports and defines the work of all other levels.
Maulana said that those who make international rules are watching attacks on Pakistan's sovereignty and integrality of Pakistan like a silent spectators , however they should play their role.
The integrality of the human person consists not only in the comprehensive picture of the interrelationships among body, soul, and spirit but also in the dynamics of human community and interrelationships.
In Ross's response-to-injury hypothesis (Ross and Glomset, 1976), repetitive stimulation of various pathogenic mechanical, chemical and immune factors first induced the damage of the integrality of intima.
Integrality and Laplacian integrality typically arise from tightly controlled combinatorial structure in special families of graphs, including complete graphs, complete bipartite graphs and hypercubes (classical; see, e.
The basic component of the hierarchy of territorial systems is the geosystem, defined as "complex geographical system resulted from the evolution of relationships between landforms, water, air, soil, plants, animals, and humans, and characterized by openness, integrality, organization, functionality, inner hierarchy, and self-regulation" (ILII, 1998).
The Integrity and Integrality of Student Research at a Liberal Arts College.