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Completed; made whole or entire. Desegregated; converted into a nonracial, nondiscriminatory system.

A contract that has been adopted as a final and complete expression of an agreement between two parties is an integrated agreement.

A school that has been integrated has been made into one in which students, faculty, staff, facilities, programs, and activities combine individuals of different races.


School Desegregation.

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* library administrators had long-term commitments to integrate library
* Hyperion Essbase XTD ( continues to be one of the most recognized names in this market, being the first vendor to integrate multiple BPI components into one application.
Second, each of these efforts to integrate communication was small enough to let people put aside old habits and allow them to learn and grow.
As new protocols are developed for the treatment of chronic disease across an entire population, information systems should be able to help integrate these protocols into day-to-day patient care.
EPM series system integrates hardware and software for complete real-time production and engineering monitoring, including SPC and SQC.
These theater-specific JDDOCs, created by reorganizing existing theater structures, provide the authority and capability to better synchronize and integrate deployment and distribution processes.
Atmel's upcoming server connectivity products will integrate National's Gigabit Ethernet PHY to deliver the highest level of performance availability and reliability with the lowest power consumption," said Mehdi Bathaee, General Manager and Managing Director of Atmel's Network-Storage Business Unit.
Even when companies use the same vendor for multiple security products, this issue still remains, because these technologies typically are not designed to integrate and interoperate.
Many employers are moving to meet these multiple goals by exploring means to coordinate or integrate delivery of employee benefits across traditional benefits lines.
Goldsmith, PhD, President of Health Futures Inc., has some second thoughts on the rush to integrate. "I think it was an incorrect reading of the Clinton reforms that you had to be an integrated health organization in order to be paid under health care reform," says Goldsmith.
NetGenics Gene Expression DataMart is component-based and will integrate with future domain-centric NetGenics DataMart solutions as they become available.
In general, Northeast Health gives us a single entity to integrate services, develop pricing structures for managed care negotiations, and to act as signatory to managed care contracts."