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Due to the slow-down of demands for the integrated circuit, the costs of Chinese integrated circuit industry were operated high in the most time of 2008.
In 2008, the memory was still occupying the largest market share in Chinese integrated circuit industry, but the reduction in the prices of the NAND Flash and DRAM cut down the market shares of the memory.
Chinese integrated circuit industry is stepping into the scaled and intensive development phase.
is a venture backed fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power RF and baseband integrated circuits and software for GPS and wireless applications.
Yan, founder and director of the Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits Research Lab at the University of Texas, researches on mixed-signal integrated circuits used in different types of electronic devices.
Alphion owns rights to over 35 issued and pending patents related to design, fabrication and applications of photonic integrated circuits.
The design utilizes Power Integrations' LinkSwitch family of integrated circuits, which are ideally suited for use in low-power applications such as cordless phones, cell phones, consumer appliances and many industrial applications.
Automatic Assertion Generation for Functional Validation of Integrated Circuits
The team at WiLinx consists of world-class wireless and computing industry experts, including RF CMOS innovators from the Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory (ICSL) at UCLA.
O2Micro International designs integrated circuits for consumer electronics, computer, industrial and communications products, including LCD computer monitors, LCD televisions, notebook computers, Internet security devices, GPS, mobile phones and portable DVD players.
Lack of accurate noise prediction is one of the leading causes of respins and product delays for analog/RF integrated circuits," said Ravi Subramanian, president and CEO of Berkeley Design Automation.

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