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A territorial or geographical division of a country or state.

A circuit is the judicial territory over which a court has the jurisdiction to hear cases.

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a periodical journey made to an area by judges. The regularity of the practice led to the administrative divisions of the English court service being described as circuits. The Scottish High Court of Justiciary still sits on circuit around Scotland.
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The top Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) market players are- Intel Corporation, Texas Instruments Incorporated, STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies AG, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Maxim Integrated, Analog Devices, Inc, Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC., NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
This was the first integrated circuit, precursor of devices like the Pentium chip in today's personal computers.
Toward the end of the '60s, the convergence of sophisticated integrated circuits and laser technology finally made relatively low-cost bar code scanning possible.
The fabrication of integrated circuits relies on a process known as photolithography, in which a photoreactive polymer, or photoresist, is applied to the surface of a silicon wafer.
The MSM3300 integrated circuit is also capable of interfacing to QCT's Mobile Station Processor (MSP(TM)) microprocessor family, which is designed to perform the functions associated with personal digital assistant (PDA) applications, including support for streaming video using PacketVideo's PVPlayer(TM) MPEG-4 streaming media decoder.
The signal energizes the tag on contact, prompting the integrated circuit to transmit its encoded data (the container's serial number) back to the reader.
Table 2 summarizes the historic learning curve coefficients for selected silicon integrated circuit families.
The integrated circuit is an enormous bundle of task-performing circuitry packed in a ridiculously small chip of mirror-like material called silicon .
Summary: Power management integrated circuits are increasingly used in various industry verticals such as electronics, factory automation and control, grid infrastructure, medical, healthcare and fitness, space, avionics and defence.
Cyient Europe Ltd, a step down subsidiary of Cyient Limited, has acquired AnSem NV, a fabless, custom analogue and mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuits design company.
Japanese conglomerate Yamaha Corporation (TOKYO:7951) reported today that it has developed a new tri-axial geomagnetic sensor integrated circuit for use in devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): A new high-speed integrated circuit that can reliably transmit data for the world's largest physics experiment is the fastest of its kind, say experts.

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