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1967), it could be argued that more integratively complex decision-making strategies are more effective in situations in which people have to resolve a conflict between a moral and a non-moral value, or between two moral values (e.
In contrast, an uplink from adjoining connects it to matrix thus forming one of the most significant propositions that integratively reconciles the smallest subdomain (adjoining) and matrix branch.
According to McDaniel [1990], "auditors in the unstructured group were more likely to consider the program integratively and budget their time across all procedures and reduced testing in a few or all areas rather than elimination of an entire procedure or objective.
Further, as we found in our two rural sites, services can be reasonably integrated although not necessarily comprehensive; thus, it is not clear that an integratively coordinated service delivery system addresses all the needs of all the needy.
The study investigated these factors individually and integratively, drawing on the psychology of the offender, the behavior of the law enforcement officer, and the circumstances that lead to the loss of life.
In this paper we describe some of the methods we use to help students think integratively about assessment.
Education in Malaysia is continuous efforts towards developing potentials of individuals holistically and integratively in intellectual, spriritual, emotional and physical based on the faith and obedience towards God.
Integratively, our program intentionally, implicitly and explicitly integrates Christianity with our training, but in professionally appropriate ways, providing specific teaching in integrative interventions, modeling, and critical thinking skills to evaluate ethical and effective interventions.
Each of these skills is related integratively and contextually so that they together exert multivariate effects on vocational outcomes.
A long term plan is needed for educating faculty to teach group work practice integratively.
Sites, Garzon, Milacci, and Boothe (2009) further explored the personal characteristics of faculty in a phenomenological study of eight professors identified by students as exemplars in teaching integratively.

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