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James Joyce in his novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man has his protagonist's alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, provide a complete aesthetic philosophy that bases itself on Aquinas's categories of integritas, proportion or consonantia, and claritas.
The group added an independent financial advisory arm in 2005, with the integration of the M&A team of Integritas Partners and developed such division successfully until being acquired by Lincoln International.
The word integrity comes from the Latin integritas, meaning wholeness, soundness, untouched, whole, and entire (Peterson and Seligman, 2004).
In several places Augustine uses the word integritas (101) to express this interrelationship of parts to one another and to the whole, a word whose meaning (even in modern English) connotes holding together and unification.
PT Inovisi Infracom Tbk through subsidiary PT Goldchild Integritas Abadi (GIA) acquired a coal mining company in Central Kalimantan at a price of US$150 million in 2012.
It is a team effort between us, Goodman, and our partners Integritas Landscapes, who have a dedicated workforce on site committed to maintaining the highest standards of landscaping throughout the year.
Pentingnya Networking antara Pilar Good Governance dan Antar Daerah sebagai Wujud Integritas Nasional dalam Menghadapi Era Perdagangan Bebas ASEAN tahun 2003 dalam Praktino Kerjasama antar Daerah.
Trehearne defines integritas as "a concept of wholeness that would .
beauty blending claritas into integritas and consonantia?
tie has confused the Latin verb integro "to renew, to replenish" with the adjective integritas "purity, unimpaired condition.
Lund-Molfese (director, Integritas Institute of the John Paul II Newman Center, U.
Integrity: derived from the Latin word integritas, means "wholeness.

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