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INTEGRITY PC integrates the INTEGRITY RTOS with Green Hills Software's new Padded Cell secure virtualization technology.
Scheetz, Division of Education & Integrity, ORI, 5515 Security Lane, Suite 700, Rockville, MD 20852 USA, 301-443-5302, e-mail: mscheetz@osophs.
Often in professional contexts in this country we think of integrity as our ability to refrain from certain activities.
As etymology reveals, integrity is about integration.
INTEGRITY enhances reliability and determinism by never disabling interrupts during any system call while providing applications guaranteed access to the CPU and memory for critical tasks.
This gives INTEGRITY a clear advantage over other commercial RTOSes wherever DO-178B, Level A certification is required.
INTEGRITY provides a secure, responsive, deterministic platform for developing and deploying embedded FastMATH and FastMIPS software, particularly for applications like industrial control, medical devices, telecommunications, and aviation that require the utmost in high availability, reliability, and security.
The software runs on a Motorola PowerPC PPC7400 processor under the INTEGRITY RTOS.

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