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1995b) have indicated that both number of integuments and nucellus type lack systematic significance at the family level.
Second, several authors have emphasized the enlargement of the contact area between endosperm and integument.
4 ng/[micro]L), we recommend that 4 swabs of the foot and integument be used as a standard method for collection of cells.
Role of the integument in insect immunity: epicuticular abrasion and induction of cecropin synthesis in cuticular epithelial cells.
This behavior may have decreased the exposure and contact with the ash, and its potentially abrasive effect on the insects integument.
Female Fecund females very Fecund females without abdomen often with large ova such abdominal visible through distension and never integument of very with ova as clearly distended abdomen.
Nevertheless, the integument, unlike the rest of described cynipoid mature larvae, presents tegumental differentiations.
Xanthomas and xanthomatosis are most commonly recognized as disorders of the avian integument, with lesions often overlying deeper tissue masses.
1), but at least one coil can be observed interiorly, as a distortion beneath the abdominal integument, which is devoid of white guanine pigmentation.
Integument reddish black, slightly paler at the apex of the rostrum and tibiae, and much paler in the antennae; and set with truncate, whitish, brown and dark brown recumbent scales, with the scales sparse, separate and not covering the entire surface (Figs.
A discrete granuloma was shelled out of the integument and left no visible lesion.
torbjoerni and the central epigynal septum is more distinct in its posterior part, while the basal integument under the lateral epigynal plates is partly sclerotized, contrasting to the completely soft integument in P.