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As an Indian-American, I have often struggled to assess the true or derivable imagination of the Beats in assembling knowledge, aesthetics, and social "perspective" when colonizing and narrating Hindu and Buddhist dimensions of the beatnik "ecstasy." These pieces have focused on travel and intellection, but in my estimation they often miss the mark because of the tendency toward comedic exaggerations or relocations friendly with the archetypal philosophy of "Beat." Comic exaggeration limits the true exercise of Eastern religions and mysticism.
We have gone from the heyday of television intellection which boasted shows hosted by, among others, David Susskind and David Frost, men that, whatever their self-absorptions, were nonetheless possessed of an admirable high-mindedness, to the pygmy sound-bite rants of Sean Hannity and the inanities of clowns like Stephen Colbert.
Table 1: Extracted cases from the training guide and story book for compliance with the goal of improving the intellection ability.
Intellection, the leader in intelligence and analytics automation for Consumer Insight, Marketing, market research, media companies and brand owners, is pleased to announce that they have been named as winners of the MRS / ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness.
Allen's top five strengths -- as drawn from the Clifton StrengthsFinder taxonomy of 34 talent themes -- are Learner, Input, Ideation, Intellection, and Strategic.
The position was subjected to a brisk refutation from Dietrich of Freiberg who believes the existence not to be advening to essence from outside (of intellect) but holds it to be pertinent to something focused on by intellect in its work of intellection:
Hawthorne "[boxes] Hester in, [chiding] her for her unwomanly intellection" and denying her an erotic life while also "[lamenting] the loss of that eroticism....
Dante's new dimension presents a profound correspondence between human language and intellection. It is in light of this content that Dante proceeds to rethink the nature and role of poetic speech.
On the contrary, while the Idea is the grasping of the rational ground of intellection in acts of intelligence, so too production is productive even in intellection.
Ardizzone alludes to these considerations, but her insistence on the primacy of intellection makes them secondary.
It considers the roots of al-Farabi's cosmological and metaphysical concepts such as celestial substance, causation, intellection, and motion in ancient Greek philosophy and as they were adapted and transformed in early Arabic thought; thus to elucidate the new meaning they acquired in the thought of al-Farabi.
Such is the ultimate epistemology--and not just methodology--of a scientific construct with real mindful power (intellection, and not just intellectualism), i.e., with real scientific determination.