intellectual ability

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Of her sons-in-law he was the one she had most consistently ignored; and all his wife's efforts to represent him as a man of forceful character and marked intellectual ability (if he had only "chosen") had been met with a derisive chuckle.
If He had given me intellectual ability, was it not my duty to employ it for the good of my fellow-men?
1990: Those pupils who show evidence of high performance capability and exceptional potential in areas such as general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude and outstanding ability in visual and performing arts.
Compelling evidence recently has surfaced, leading scientists to believe that Einstein's superior intellectual ability may have been related to the region of his brain that supports psychological functions.
Most still attract students of average or below average intellectual ability.
His intellectual ability had yet to be fully assessed.
Mensa chiefs gave each member of the Cabinet marks out of 10 for political and intellectual ability.
He has a sharp intellectual ability to synthesize Christian and non-Christian, sacred and secular, female and male schools of thought, and black and mainstream traditions.
Today, a career in medical management requires a highly specialized fund of knowledge and often is at least as demanding of an individual's time, emotional resources, and intellectual ability as a clinical career.
It is also necessary in the VR context that LD be understood as more than intellectual ability accompanied by academic deficits.
has launched a Spanish edition of the most widely used test of children's intellectual ability, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children(R) -- Fourth Edition (WISC(R)-IV Spanish).
All students, regardless of intellectual ability, had lower exam scores the more they used the Internet for non-academic purposes such as reading the news, sending emails and posting Facebook updates.