intellectual ability

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Of her sons-in-law he was the one she had most consistently ignored; and all his wife's efforts to represent him as a man of forceful character and marked intellectual ability (if he had only "chosen") had been met with a derisive chuckle.
If He had given me intellectual ability, was it not my duty to employ it for the good of my fellow-men?
His intellectual ability is a gift and he really enjoys learning.
She concluded her post with a statement in Afrikaans language, which if translated to English said, "I love you always my sister and one day we will be together again!" In her past interviews, Demi revealed that her 13-year-old sister had the intellectual ability of a three-month-old baby and could not walk, talk or eat and was fed through a tube.
Which measure of intellectual ability is represented by the initials IQ?
As the authors of this study write: "If we assume that superior intellectual ability is a positive attribute and if we assume that people with positive attributes are more attractive...
The disease is characterized by death of neurons in the brain causing a progressive deterioration of memory and cognitive skills, such as intellectual ability, language, orientation, recognition and learning ability.
Abstract: Purpose: The current study examined the relationship of intellectual ability with emotional intelligence, academic achievement, and aggression of adolescents.
We firmly believe the intellectual ability is beyond gender, said Analaura Schurmann, Human Resources Director, SAS LA North.
Their topics include an overview of the DSM-5 diagnostic system, problems with intellectual ability and cognition, problems with impulse control, substance-related problems and other addictive behaviors, and seeking reimbursement for assessment and diagnosis within school settings.
"Our nuclear strike potential have long ago reached the level of essential miniaturization and diversification, and the increase in accuracy and intellectual ability of not only our short- and mid-range missiles, but also our long-range missiles have reached a level guaranteeing the maximum probability of striking the target," Yonhap cited a representative from North Korea's Defense Committee as saying.
Luke Schneider, research officer, said that the results of their study has provided further proof that those born at term tend to have better cognitive abilities, such as working memory, brain processing efficiency and general intellectual ability, but the postnatal environment seemed to be playing an important role in whether or not a preterm child is able to overcome that initial risk of reduced brain development.