intellectual faculties

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The result is dulness of sight, a stagnation of the vital circulations, and a general deliquium and sloughing off of all the intellectual faculties.
Of beautiful sights, and sweet sounds, and pleasant odours, she has no conception; nevertheless, she seems as happy and playful as a bird or a lamb; and the employment of her intellectual faculties, or the acquirement of a new idea, gives her a vivid pleasure, which is plainly marked in her expressive features.
If there is any service to be performed, which requires the perfect command of the nervous system," said the man of science, with a look that was slightly blustering, "you have only to give a direction to his intellectual faculties, and here stands one on whose physical powers you may depend.
It was evident that the cardinal was weighing beforehand the terms in which he was about to speak, and that Milady was collecting all her intellectual faculties to comprehend the things he was about to say, and to engrave them in her memory when they should be spoken.
After all, concede, I grant that it is a sad employment for my intellectual faculties, and that man is not made to pass his life in beating the tambourine and biting chairs.
Their intellectual faculties were generally weak, their animal propensities strong; thus there was at once an impotence and a kind of inert force in their natures; they were dull, but they were also singularly stubborn, heavy as lead and, like lead, most difficult to move.
To come out of my own ways of life, to be another than myself through a kind of intoxication of the intellectual faculties, and to play this game at will, such was my recreation.
Education no more remained a tool to improve the intellectual faculties of pupils, but rather to inculcate in their minds the novel methods of persuading the masses to the commercial interests of a few.
Indifference is the dead weight of history", he averred, adding that all men and women are in fact intellectuals, in that they have intellectual faculties, but not all of them have the social function of being public intellectuals, or what he called "organic intellectuals", creative individuals who, being in the vanguard of the social order, are involved not merely in building their careers on disseminating ideas - say, composing music, directing films and writing books - but in taking an activist posture in denouncing and forcefully agitating against that injustice.
Aren't I blessed to have been born with the emotional and intellectual faculties that have enabled me to thrive and to prosper?
Adam, 31 from Low Worsall, near Yarm, will participate in this year's 26-mile London Marathon to raise funds for research into Alzheimer's disease, a terrible disorder causing mental deterioration which consequently affects one's intellectual faculties.
Sport promotes a healthy lifestyle that develops physical and intellectual faculties, therefore, a nation's real wealth is not its natural resources, but rather its human capital, and Namibia needs both," he added.

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