intellectual prodigy

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James (Williams's countryman), "that intellectual prodigy and indefatigable delver into the Caribbean past, ...
At age eleven or twelve, she was sent to live with her aunt in Mexico City, where her knowledge and amazing memory established her as an intellectual prodigy. Taken under the wing of the new Viceroy and his wife, who arrived in Mexico City in 1664, Sor Juana lived at the court for five years, continuing her studies and writing.
Daniela Messo, a mathematical and intellectual prodigy raised to be a freethinker and named for a mother she never knew, grows up on her father's secluded estate, unaware of the suffering and degradation that exists just outside the walls of her enclosure.
The fifty biographical portraits are arranged in chronological order, beginning with Virginie Loveling (1836-1923), who is "regarded as an intellectual prodigy" (p.
Miller created a portrait of a "revolutionary intellectual prodigy ...
An intellectual prodigy, at eight she composed a loa (short dramatic poem) in honor of the Blessed Sacrament.
At center stage are Salas's two older brothers: the boxing champ Albert, whose early success leads to drug addiction and a life of crime and irresponsibility; and Edward, a bisexual in the Marines who as an intellectual prodigy is awarded a scholarship at Harvard University Medical School and is upwardly mobile enough to open his own pharmacy in San Francisco.

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