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In my reliance on a concept of intellectualisation I implicitly reference Cora Diamond's view of the place of deflection in philosophy.
The intellectualisation of the indigenous languages of South Africa: challenges and prospects.
We did not observe any adolescent-type intellectualisation about major life questions or profound discussions except for the usual outbursts against their mothers or mother-surrogates.
Lorsque, a la suite de vicissitudes historiques, la protection du souverain vint a faire defaut, le monde du Tantra se brisa, ce qui devait entrainer une double evolution: les formes elitaires evoluerent alors dans le sens d'une sophistication toujours plus poussee des rituels, d'une interiorisation quietiste des pratiques, d'une intellectualisation et d'une elaboration scolastique toujours plus affinee des categories et des taxinomies constituant leur arriere-plan doctrinal, tandis que les formes populaires, de leur cote, verserent toujours davantage dans la magie noire (les "Six Rites de Magie"--satkarmani--auxquels G.
Since its establishment, TJC has become one of the leading companies of national information industry in terms of information system technology, development of new products, system integration, intellectualisation engineering, and sales and marketing.
Other forms of resistance included the fact that initially the client was only able to project his own feelings onto the lyrics, and that he often used intellectualisation to deal with issues that were evocative, or relevant to his problems.

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