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For the most part, they have bemoaned the lack of student intellectualism, and have called on our nations colleges to re-emphasize intellectual growth (Vail, 2001; Aronowitz, 2000; Graft, 1999; Rahman, 1997; Veblen, 1993; Bloom, 1987).
Bernard-Carreno (Black and Latino/a studies and women's studies, Baruch College, New York) draws on theories of intellectualism based in critical pedagogy to analyze and critique various ways of learning and knowing, taking as a case study the legacy and culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York City, styled Nuyorican.
From fairy-tale Vienna to American conformity to European intellectualism to American intellectualism, she skillfully and courageously shuffled layers staying true to the conviction she should remain curious and keep growing.
Social scientists investigate the capacity of qualitative inquiry to produce social change, the role of the public intellectual, and what a new public intellectualism might look like in light of neoliberal assaults on education.
The East Village also had its honors society - a distinct strain of intellectualism emanating first from Nature Morte, then from Cash/Newhouse, International With Monument, and a handful of other venues.
He works through thought from Socrates on both types, from Aristotle's ideas on motivation and akrasia as a character trait and as an element of the practical syllogism, from Augustine's work on voluntarism as opposed to intellectualism and contrasts this with observations by Aristotle and Socrates, and then introduces what Aquinas wrote on the will, voluntary action, assent and consent, and habit in the structure of akrasia.
There was plenty of good thinking, and "Serial Imagery" exhibits the hard intellectualism of the best '60s writing.
No doubt many people, weary of the now rather faded intellectualism of "postmodern deconstruction" or simply tired of thinking, period, will choose to join Neri and Phillips in the vale of a poetical-schmetical Beyond.
Intellectualism is a common way to evade emotional reality, but in Appelt's case its apparent selflessness ironically confirms the last stage of narcissistic pathology: it is the pristine form taken by the narcissist's death.
The press, which labeled his work austere and accused him of intellectualism, was quick to identify him as an epigone of minimalist Japanese designers Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto.
With a somewhat jockey, self-parodying attitude that contrasts with the rigorous intellectualism of the international mainstream, these artists have also been key figures in making this marginality center stage.