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Not too many people in this part of the world have been able to successfully transmute from scholarship to public intellectualism. However, we have a good number of them who have been able to accomplish the transformation, give a relatable face to intellectualism without losing the hallo above their heads.
Romana recognized the correlation of the psychology of Filipinos to their history and the current socioeconomic struggles they face as prime factors that cause them to shy away from encouraging intellectualism in everyday conversations.
From this base, historians can expand the horizon of investigation to cover other 'less privileged' intellectuals--not just bourgeois scholars like Pedro Paterno, but also those whose organic intellectualism deserve a sizeable space in the evolving national narrative.
Naomi Reshotko's paper, though not ostensibly about Socrates, provides an account of desire which figures prominently in a defense of Socratic intellectualism. Thus, while arguing that de dicto accounts of desire are always inadequate (i.e., desire must be identified in terms of how the person conceives the object or action), and that de re accounts are better (i.e., desire is identified without regard to the agent's conceptions of the object or action), she defends a 'Dominance' theory of desire.
Some critics applaud the depth and insight Roth (who studied comparative literature) achieves, while others accuse the author of adopting the same aloof intellectualism he attributes to his father.
Like Hofstadter, she sees two major groups engaged in the conflict of intellectualism vs.
This was partly because hanging out with nerds wasn't cool and partly because the kind of intellectualism they exuded didn't enthrall me.
I do S n't think it's an artform that has had its day, but modern poetry does seem to involve an awful lot of posturing and fake intellectualism.
I have a distaste for what I perceive to be the intellectualism of the literary world, and it needs to be called out more often than it is.
Obama has pursued a saturation strategy concerning the mass media, as Lim's analysis would predict, but my own casual observation of the first year of the new administration leaves me with an untested hunch that there may be something discernibly different about the level of intellectualism in this president's messages.
It was today, when sufficiently frustrated with the current conservative position in Washington, that I found your magazine on Google when I searched for "conservative intellectualism." It is a refreshing publication to which I shall immediately subscribe.