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One thing is for sure: Tariq Ramadan is certainly EuropeAAEs most admired Muslim; Germany has no one to offer who combines heavyweight intellectualism with charisma and appeals to and veritably thrills the public the way he does.
ARTISTIC Everything Everything, putting intellectualism back into pop.
All these institutions are merely static matrixes cloning fragile experiences and loose performances, as well as appearing in the form of nothing more than museums for intellectualism and culture.
Roberts acknowledges that the crisp intellectualism of Brecht's script can be challenging for an actor.
In critically compassionate intellectualism, the sum is much greater than its separate educational parts, and the individual parts become greater when they are combined in a collective, tripartite approach.
But it's a lot more chilling for Schrader's intellectualism and restraint as he explores the seductive nature of Satan.
These ethereal conflations of glamour and trendy intellectualism point to the experimental novel's underlying polemic.
Given the level of intellectualism brought to bear on race planning in the past, it is quite right that owners, trainers and the public want to have the current strategy explained.
He was a poet of subdued pathos and great technical skill, inclining toward classical motifs and intellectualism.
Wealth, the quest for modernity, Western intellectualism, the concept of individualism, the possibility of anonymity--all become recurring attractions.
Army War College) "Institutional Intellectualism as an Agent for Military Transformation"
The reason for this is the other condition of the society, namely, moral dynamism, which must conform to the originality of intellectualism and thus enable it to flourish.