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Suffice it to say that if intellectuality is to be taking seriously as an expression of the true (putative or otherwise) states of affairs, then it must be self-portraying.
Today, anyone, whatever the level of intellectuality and rationality they may have acquired, can easily influence millions of people through social media, attracting them toward good or evil in their actions.
I will make use of three categories: interiority, subjectivity, intellectuality.
Their level of intellectuality, critical thinking and the fact that they were so open minded way fascinates me the most since they developed this intelligence in relatively closed minded and backward thinking societies.
I constructed my personality based on the following simple convictions: Intellectuality, intercultural relations, understanding, interaction, doubt, enjoying life's pleasures, freedom, the freedom of being myself, a knowledge of "myself" that is dynamic and changing in contact with others, curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, a hunger for intellectual surprises, an absence of dogma, and so on.
The management of the bank believes that the combination of diversity, intellectuality and innovativeness that the professionals possess is the ideal recipe to make sure continued success.
Entities such as TED talks, with their dissemination of 'thought leaders' via short videos, serve as a powerful formation of public intellectuality that nicely intersects with the online exigencies of the personalisation of information and a sophisticated YouTube-like reconstruction of public presentation that matches the contemporary formation of the attention economy (Aspden, 2010; see also TED, 2015).
Discourse analysis alone is insufficient for understanding the underlying forces that have been fundamentally shaping the changing contours of post-Maoist intellectuality, he argues, and attention must also be paid to the psychological dimension of Chinese thought today.
Beyond this, the words in your tents [be-ohalekha] are understood by the Sages to convey intellectuality by referring to the tents under which the Torah is studied (TB Berakhot 63b; Genesis Rabbah 63:15).
Matur is among the 70% which South Sudan needs to educate at this time and one of the best way is to relive him/them to go for studies in the other Countries so that he/ they should get to acquire knowledge and expose to the world of intellectuality.
A hundred and six years of love, passion, pride and worship of Lebanon," said the Minister, "a hundred and six years and [Akl] still exudes poetry and intellectuality.
According to him, the atmosphere in a classroom should be such that forces students to ask questions, because this would improve their intellectuality.