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It does imply wealth and/or intellectuality. Apart from that, in general the number of people who speak the third/ foreign language (1e) is quite low.
Among the topics are the gospel of intellectuality: indoctrinating Yenching educational missionaries during the Progressive Era, missionaries and mining: conflicts over development in eastern Indonesia, "development missionaries: in the slums of Bangkok: from the Thaification to the de-Thaification of Catholicism, developing faith and character to develop the nation: perspectives from an elite Indonesian Catholic school, and evangelizing entrepreneurship: techno-politics of vocational training in the global anti-human trafficking movement.
At each stage, mechanisms of teamwork, team building and promoting the system of special leadership concepts are developed, as well as the development of members' mentality, intellectuality and knowledge.
12, 2014, interview with The Boston Globe, she noted: "I'm never bored, always challenged intellectuality." She also observed that "the ability to do this work I really love, and do it at a lesser pace, it's just wonderful."<br />I learned a great deal from Judge Zobel about effective trial advocacy and the importance of concise cross-examination.
Ahmad Zahid said a person's intellectuality was not measured based on the academic qualifications obtained but the application of intellectual analysis performed on such a level.
While the analogy praised the women's chastity and beauty, it also restricted them to the role of passive and voiceless objects of desire, eventually disempowering their intellectuality.
The troupe refuses presenting plays that merely provide the audience with light jokes, but rather prefer to merge entertainment with intellectuality. Utopia received several awards in acting, music and directing.
Through this winter camp, SLC aims to enhance innovation and creativity among its participants, stimulate their intellectuality and stir their imagination," said Lubna Al Moalla, Sales Development Manager at SLC.
a quite superb combination of exoticism and intellectuality...
PPP chairman said that Mohammad Ibrahim Joyo will be remembered for ever and entire Sindh including people linked to literature and intellectuality are in a state of mourning over his death.
El-Kady concluded by saying that investing in intellectuality is the best investment.
For the remaining part of this paper, and using examples from the discipline of philosophy as an example representing the entire domain of academic disciplines and intellectuality, we shall discuss why and how the only condition under which letters can be true reflections of historical realities is if and only if their writers had freedom of expression regardless of how accurate or otherwise anyone may perceive them.