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Intellectualization Patient attempts to A patient without a control affect and medical background emotions about an might extensively review experience by all of the literature on thinking about cardiac-bypass procedures them instead of before having surgery.
The obtained results are being used for optimization of knowledge representation technologies, development of new heuristic methods for intellectualization of robots with advanced abilities, and for building new creative education technologies.
21) Some African-Americans physically went back to Africa and some African American intellectually went back to Africa with their positive writings about African antiquity and such intellectualization should be interpreted as a movement to change futurity.
Intellectualization involves acknowledging racism and differences but avoids the painful emotions associated with witnessing discrimination, which can limit a person's understanding of his or her own reactions to racism.
Important feature of such systems is a possibility of measurements intellectualization.
Season highlights include: Fort Myers Art Walk, the first Friday of every month; Fort Myers Music Walk, the third Saturday of every month; Intellectualization Mondays, part of the Fort Myers Film Festival.
7) For him, the point of convergence for the three is "a shift from the creedal identity of Christianity with its intellectualization, to a greater experiential focus and an urge to transform Christianity into a praxis--a praxis of the Kingdom of God.
The successful decision of these tasks requires development of methods, algorithms and tools of intellectualization for processing the data of various nature (Djumanov, 2008, 2011).
The further intellectualization of the Jewish religious tradition is reflected in the initial philosophical discussions of the medieval period (the shortest chapter in the book), in which "intolerance toward non-Jews has therefore been replaced by intolerance toward those who have not achieved intellectual perfection" (121).
Justice Al- Gheriany extremely appreciated the teaching methodologies being used in the training and for intellectualization of the Judges at the Academy, the aims and objectives, mission and vision of the Academy, the collection of books and research journals at the FJA Library, among others.
I think Kurds in south Kurdistan now need the intellectualization of the language, to make the language academic; it is possible.
Psychological perspective is that they are using defense mechanism, called intellectualization, in which reasoning is used to block confrontation with an unconscious conflict and its associated emotional stress.