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As Eric Hobsbawm has argued, rapid scientific advances since the Enlightenment (alongside increasing intellectualization of the bourgeois classes), by the late nineteenth century appeared to have banished all that was deemed to be "supernatural and miraculous," including "the ancient forces of religion," from the central place they had once held, and replaced them with a more materialist understanding of the universe and of humanity's place in it (244).
Another way is through intellectualization, for instance, by forming a rational and religious justification for keeping separate psychology and one's faith.
Housman's argument that intellectualization of meaning often ruins the experience of poetry.
A Kantian objection, however, states that perception is already intellectualized and the condition for this intellectualization cannot be found in perception itself.
In short, this change meant an intellectualization, in the modern sense of the word, of the ulema.
First of all, what contributes to this conclusion is the fact that society is a social environment, the product of a gradual intellectualization and rationalization of life inside the community.
Further problems of intellectualization and development of Lithuanian economy are analysed by Melnikas (2008a: 115-119; 2008b: 61-64).
Repression, intellectualization, splitting, and other defense mechanisms rely upon dissociation to accomplish their specific tasks.
emerged from the intellectualization of physical accomplishments and the historical originality of the events.
Potter knows he has been abandoned, there is a break between his physical "unfulfilled longing for his mother" (84) and the intellectualization of his loss.
3) The avoidance of one's own suffering through intellectualization, grandiosity, denial, etc.
Typical responses will vary depending on how the patient and others interpret the illness, but can include avoidance, depression, anger, fear, denial, anxiety, intellectualization, and guilt.