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Galileo Zafra, president of Wika ng Kultura at Agham (Wika), it is high time to 'intellectualize' the Filipino language.
While local architects intellectualize and debate the structure's conceptual strength--as the pixellated concrete fuselage is steadily sheathed in multiple layers of profiled metal and glass louvres--for Nouvel and his team the facade's apparent complexity condenses their vision of the tower as a fluid mass; a 142m geyser piercing the ground under a consistent and measured pressure.
My previous experience with reemits is that they can often intellectualize what minorities may experience, but they can't always feel it emotionally." (Citing internal privacy concerns, the department declined to make recruits available for interviews with The Advocate.)
We can talk about dance and intellectualize about it forever.
We are not meant to understand Natkin's picture, any more than we are meant to intellectualize during our silences.
Script and shooting style are happily straightforward, with no attempt made to intellectualize the notion of why pueblo after pueblo--Burmeister has made close to 60 films in all--should choose to take part.