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After the well-thought-out theoretical debate in chapter one and later rounded off in the conclusion, comes chapter two, which highlights two aspects of the struggle against the Manichean Delirium, which pits the "superior progressive" Western legal system against the "inferior non-progressive" Islamic legal systems--either the intellectualized Islamic or the customary volk Islamic legal system.
Along with the literary sourcing that preciously (in both senses) situates intellectualized violence in a long tradition of reader-responsiveness, Littell has done his factual homework.
Poetry," Bonnefoy affirms, "is wanting the here and now to assume precedence over dreams," a precedence the prestige of language and concept and intellectualized structure ever pull us away from, privileging not the "absolute inconceivableness" of the absoluteness of givenness but rather the relativity of proud human rationalizing and equation of being.
It also involves an intellectualized approach exemplified by conservative hero Mark Steyn.
Leaping off these walls one can imagine larger views of intellectualized landscapes as seen in the paintings of Lucio Pozzi and Michael Goldberg.
Other work attempted social commentary, like Montrealer Martin Belanger's Spoken word/body and a curious piece of intellectualized erotica called Gold, by Switzerland's Alexandra Bachzetsis.
Robert Evans defends the artistry of Donne's elegy on the death of Lady Markham by noting that it and his other poems of mourning "seek deliberately to master passion by controlling and redirecting thought" (55); he sees Jonson's lyric on the death of Lady Venetia Digby as less intellectualized and more personal, but both works share similarities in purpose and execution.
There were neither intellectualized conceptions nor abstract designs for stage director Diana Leblanc and set and costume designer Leslie Frankish in Pacific Opera Victoria's Lucia di Lammermoor.
I'm an orthodox Catholic, not a raving reactionary, but after reading this type of intellectualized drivel, I can see why some get this way.
He welcomes the sensuality that characterizes popular Hindu religion and contrasts this "holistic faith" with the abstract and intellectualized religion of his own tradition.
The result is a kind of intellectualized scholars' religion, which can be discussed, taught, and written about.