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The structural-strategic model both capitalizes on the family's thinking by teaching members how to see relational issues systematically (Thomas & Moon, 2004) and circumvents intellectualizing through enactments and paradoxical interventions (Minuchin, 1974).
It is a stupendous and persuasive piece of scholarship, opening up an unfamiliar episode in the history of art when Renaissance paradigms were transformed by means of a pictorial philosophy that, by intellectualizing the response to images, inhibited the tendency to treat them as objects of devotion--and, of course, it was precisely this tendency that Protestants found unacceptable in Catholic practice.
During field experiences, teacher candidates are encouraged to begin reflective thinking, intellectualizing their own experiences, often connecting those to their knowledge base.
Clausewitz knew the limits on intellectualizing about war; his concept of friction applies not only to the practical conduct of war, but also to the difficulty of thinking clearly about it.
No faux elegance, no glib intellectualizing, nothing to distract from the complete ordinariness of the personality.
The novel's pace, like Maryna's self-reflection, is sidetracked by elaborate intellectualizing about the theater, conveyed by journals, letters back to Poland, and long discussions.