intellectually deep

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Neither intellectually deep nor even logically sound (press any soft spot and the whole plot caves in), A Quiet Place feels at odds with a musical score that too often wants to tell us when to jump, and how high.
A great strength of the book is the way in which the collection of quotes truly provides readers with intellectually deep material and an invitation to digest it slowly.
Nizwa is the guest of honour at the fair for its history, intellectually deep roots and a proud civilisation with all the ingredients of science, knowledge and variety of human thought.
It has to walk a tightrope: on the one hand, it has to be intellectually deep enough work to intrigue politically interested college students into further exploration of the ideas; on the other hand, it has to be flashy enough to entice a student to sit down and read past the first paragraph.
[It] starts with the proposition that being intellectually deep is a legitimate and culturally faithful way of being Aboriginal" (330).
Wallowa Lake and alpine mountains on its back porch; pine forests on its front; and Hell's Canyon as its intellectually deep neighbor.
In these types of settings, teachers engage in intellectually deep conversations and close inspections of curriculum, teaching, and student learning issues.
Still, as a guiding creative thesis, such notions are pretty tapped out by now, and Sater has created a work neither intellectually deep nor savagely comic enough to give them needed new life.