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eld, Intellegentia Limited; Pipa-Anna Shields of SunGard Availability Services (UK) Limited and Andy Parker, Parker Business Development.
Marketing consultancy Intellegentia, based in Stratford, ran a text competition in support of Skandia Cowes Week, the Ellen MacArthur Trust's official charity event.
Intellegentia has been a sponsor of the trust for three years, helping it with all aspects of its new media marketing.
Mike Broomfield, managing director at Intellegentia, who is actively involved in the sailing trips, said: "We provide a variety of skills and expertise alongside our digital marketing tools to help promote the trust's activities and we are delighted to have been involved in helping the trust to break the pounds 100,000 mark this year.
46) When properly related to God and world, the mind's interrelatedness as memory, understanding, and will (memoria, intellegentia, voluntas) offers an approximation, however distant, of the perfect interrelation of the divine Persons.
Crescat igitur oportet et multum vehementerque proficiat tam singulorum quam omnium, tam unius hominis quam totius ecclesiae, aetatum ac saeculorum gradibus, intellegentia, scientia, sapientia, sed in suo dumtaxat genere, in eodem scilicet dogmate, eodem sensu eademque sententia" (Commonitorium in Corpus Christianorum, vol.
Intellegentia UK to deploy Email Campaign Management and
Intellegentia UK are to add the Email Campaign Management Application SpinnakerPro, from Narragansett to its portfolio of Sales and Marketing Services and Solutions to provide a broader range of added value services to its clients.
Our many years of experience in Sales and Business Execution" said Mike Broomfield, MD of Intellegentia UK "combined with the SpinnakerPro product further strengthens the value we can provide to our clients enabling them to be even more effective and successful in their sales and marketing execution.
Narragansett Technologies and Intellegentia are two companies that are concerned with providing software solutions that provide real value and measurable results for our clients" said Tony Frattaroli, VP Channel Sales at Narragansett Technologies.
PLANO, Texas -- In a further move to underline its change in corporate strategy and direction, Intellegentias, Inc.
This symbol change completes the consolidation of our corporate name under the Intellegentias brand," said Ian Rice, Chairman and CEO of Intelligentias, Inc.

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