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Schuler's husband, a freelance engineer named James Harper, sold these documents to polish intelligence agents for upwards to $250,000.
com/golden-shower-update-fbi-wanted-hire-spy-who-compiled-trump-russian-dossier-2499470) dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele said Moscow had sought to build relationships with certain people in the U.
Ebadi writes that the intelligence agent visit Javad in his cell and said, "Now Ebadi can see the result of her activities.
The former Ugandan intelligence agent who preferred anonymity alleged that currently there are some 1,400 Ugandan forces in Juba operating under Kiir's administration special assignment dressed with civilian dress.
A CIA agent reportedly discussed the possibility of gaining access to Hamas during a 2012 meeting in east Jerusalem with a South African intelligence agent.
He was an Iraqi intelligence agent and was deceiving those who want to escape abroad before killing them and burying them on the border region between Wassit and Iran," he explained, noting that he admitted to perpetrating the crimes.
Firth plays intelligence agent Bill Haydon opposite Gary Oldman who portrays the legendary George Smiley.
In the wake of calls, particularly from America, that the former Libyan intelligence agent should be sent back to prison, Mr Salmond said: "The latest pictures broadcast of Mr al-Megrahi clearly demonstrate that he is an extremely sick man, dying of terminal prostate cancer.
SANAA: Two knife-wielding men attacked and seriously wounded a Yemeni intelligence agent near the US embassy in Sanaa on Friday, witnesses and medics said.
So how does an intelligence agent get close to the locals in a tribalised almost medieval society like Afghanistan?
It emerged last week that the former Libyan intelligence agent, 56, had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the disease has spread to other parts of his body.
Several other biographies have attempted to capture his life and personality; none of them have taken the in-depth look at his career as a British Intelligence agent that Secret Agent 666 has.

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