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Monitoring, evaluating, and responding to the ever-changing status of those operational drivers are fundamental components of the business intelligence quotient.
There is apparently no correlation between the scores of the health habit quiz and intelligence quotient, all of the coefficients being near zero and several of them being negative.
Chapter 9 entitled "Masonic Closeness" is where he suggests that many religionists evidence a high intelligence quotient in their business of religion, but with a serious retardation as to the logic of God's business.
While business runs on brainpower, people thrive and excel on the power of emotions, or what I call emotional intelligence quotient (EQ).
This new evidence is no surprise to those behind the latest rage in corporate competence - the idea of emotional intelligence (EQ) as a counterpart to intelligence quotient (IQ).
A 1996 study by Sandra and Joseph Jacobson of Wayne State University found that children exposed to low levels of PCBs in the womb grew up with a lowered Intelligence Quotient (IQ), poor reading comprehension, short- and long-term memory problems and difficulty paying attention.
Here's a sample of opinions, followed by suggestions on improving your networking/schmoozing intelligence quotient.
Among its many advantages, breast milk is more easily digested than formula, contains antibodies against infections and may raise a child's intelligence quotient, studies show.
Lead poisoning in children may produce permanent neurological damage including learning disabilities, reduced intelligence quotient, behavioral problems, and impaired memory.
The phrase intelligence quotient (often abbreviated IQ) became popular.
To enhance the intelligence quotient, signals from sensors could feed into microprocessors, which would interpret them and relay instructions to the actuators.
The measured intelligence quotient must be at least 80 because, by definition, people with learning disabilities have at least average intelligence.

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