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Kaneko Hiroshi, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of China Household, said, "With Chinese people's life quality improving, they are looking for more distinguished living experience, so the intelligent household service with high price-to-performance ratio is going to be the development trend for the overall decoration services.
They are the eighth on artificial intelligence techniques for ambient intelligence, the first on applications of affective computing in intelligent environments, the first on constructing (urban) intelligence, the first on cloud-of-things, the third on smart offices and other workplaces, the second on future intelligent educational environments, the first on museums as intelligent environments, the first on intelligent environments for creative learning, the first on sociable smart cities, and the first on intelligent users and intelligent cities.
These computing experiences are possible because of a new category of embedded systems called "intelligent systems." Electronic devices that were once disconnected and served a single purpose have given way to securely managed intelligent systems that autonomously connect to the Internet, execute native or cloud-based applications and can analyze data collected.
Key words: assembly process, assembly cell, intelligent assembly, sensory, design
The state-run Taipower plans to replace existing electrical grid networks connecting to over 10 million subscribers islandwide with intelligent networks, estimated to create NT$60 billion (US$1.8 billion at US$1:NT$32) worth of business opportunities for equipment and solution suppliers in 2012.
Int'l Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (8th: 2008: Kaosiung, Taiwan) Ed.
2 : able to learn and understand <Is there intelligent life on other planets?>
Under the agreement, Intelligent Wave USA and Edentify will cross-market their products--Edentify's proprietary risk-assessment technologies IDAssess[TM], IDScreen[TM] and IDAlert[TM], as well as Intelligent Wave USA's Insider Threat Management (ITM) software solution, Cyber-crime, Warning, Alert, Termination (CWAT).
In his article, "Is Intelligent Design 'Scientific'?" (PSCF 59, no.
The editors and writers address a controversial issue in Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong for our Schools.
The superintendent suggested that students also be taught that space aliens might have brought life to our planet, to balance intelligent design and evolution.
The state school board voted 8-0 in early October to block intelligent design, the latest variant of creationism, from high school biology classes.

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