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The driving force behind ODS' steady growth in sales and new accounts is the company's line of intelligent hubs, the Infinity and Micro Infinity series, Hughes explained.
SynOptics Communications, a Fortune 500 company with revenues over $700 million in 1993, is a leading supplier of intelligent hub, high-speed switching systems and sophisticated network management software.
ODS intelligent hubs integrate multiple combinations of Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI and ATM on a large scale while maintaining interoperability, manageability and reliability.
The companies also intend to preserve their customers' existing investments in intelligent hubs and routers, including those from other vendors, in two ways:
As part of its switched Token Ring strategy, Bay Networks plans to integrate ATM switching and Token Ring-to-ATM switching in the SynOptics(R) System 5000(TM) intelligent hub.
Viquity's intelligent hub provides a common data language among business partners -- a language that supports RosettaNet and other emerging business process communications standards.
We are very pleased to offer our customers access to Viquity's intelligent hub which can dramatically reduce the entry barrier to eCommerce.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Bay Networks(Nasdaq: BNET) today announced that its highly available, multiprotocol routers and intelligent hub products are providing the backbone for SCinet, the high- speed local area and wide area network for the three-day Supercomputing '94 Conference.
Series 80 p8700 Ethernet Intelligent Hub Manager: A 12-port 10 Base-T concentrator that also supports BNC and AUI media types, contains a built-in SNMP agent, and is configured via a Windows based software tool that is included.
The Amdahl SAN initiative comprises the LVS 4800 Fibre Channel attached RAID storage subsystem to meet customer need for high-performance, high-capacity systems running mission-critical applications; Intelligent Hub and Fabric Switch interconnects with Vixel Corp.
Amdahl provides Intelligent Hub and enterprise Fabric Switch interconnects from strategic alliance relationships with Vixel Corporation and McDATA Corporation.
As a pioneer in the intelligent hub market, Bay Networks was the first to develop and ship an intelligent hub that offers Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI, and was the first intelligent hub vendor to develop ATM technology," said Andy Ludwick, Bay Networks' president and chief executive officer.

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