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In another venture, leading intelligent hub vendor SynOptics Communications Inc.
The Viquity BusinessWare for RosettaNet Adapter connects BusinessWare for RosettaNet to the Viquity Dynamic Commerce Network (DCN), Viquity's eBusiness platform and intelligent hub for direct procurement transactions.
Viquity's intelligent hub provides a common data language among business partners -- a language that supports RosettaNet and other emerging business process communications standards.
Lanfri was a key member of the initial management team of intelligent hub leader SynOptics Communications, from which he retired in 1994 after holding several executive and management positions in marketing, business development and product management.
We are very pleased to offer our customers access to Viquity's intelligent hub which can dramatically reduce the entry barrier to eCommerce.
The Amdahl SAN initiative comprises the LVS 4800 Fibre Channel attached RAID storage subsystem to meet customer need for high-performance, high-capacity systems running mission-critical applications; Intelligent Hub and Fabric Switch interconnects with Vixel Corp.

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