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Lead Intelligently specializes in MBA-level coaching for Gen X and Gen Y leaders who want to excel in their current positions or advance in their career objectives.
32) Once advised, the suspect may waive those rights afforded by Miranda, provided that the waiver is made voluntarily, knowingly, and intelligently.
Organizations can further trim the costs of information work by connecting the Attensa Feed Server to Attensa for Outlook, a business class RSS reader designed to help knowledge workers cut through information overload by intelligently prioritizing RSS feeds and articles.
Unlike traditional systems that move entire files or volumes, QuickStart ILM is able to intelligently migrate data at the block-level.
For mobile search to be practical it must intelligently provide specific results and not multiple links.
The NexTone MSX is providing Cable & Wireless with the ability to interconnect intelligently with carriers worldwide to provide high-quality wholesale VoIP services that are seamless and secure.
As the first phase of this initiative, Juniper is today introducing the new Open IP Service Creation Program with immediate availability of an open application programming interface (API) to enable applications to interact intelligently with the IP network.
Verid helps companies intelligently authenticate new customers through online and offline channels, and quickly process risky transactions at any point during the customer lifecycle.
NEW YORK -- Headline of release (dated May 16, 2006) should read: Attensa Introduces the First RSS Reader to Use Predictive Prioritization to Intelligently Display RSS Feeds in the Order the Reader Will Want Them (sted of Attensa Launches Outlook 1.
ALP is the first solution capable of intelligently accelerating application flows across all application tiers (web, application and database) and represents a dramatic new approach to accelerating multi-tier applications.
Crescendo reduces this inherent latency by intelligently managing and optimizing the application flow between all logical tiers, allowing applications to reach performance levels unmatched by any other solution.
ALP eliminates this latency by intelligently monitoring, queuing and scheduling application requests end-to-end across all tiers," continued Shoolman.