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Furthermore, it would be useful if future studies would take into consideration the impact of some other parameters on intelligibility and comprehension of synthetic speech.
Elegant and nuanced, The Intelligibility of Nature, will help readers understand how science became what it is today- and how it shapes our very experience in the world.
However, vowel intelligibility depends more on the relationships between the frequencies of the different formants than on their absolute numerical values.
Now, using technology originally developed by NATO for improving the intelligibility of military communications, portable intelligibility meters are available that can measure voice intelligibility in both new and existing buildings.
Although meaningful context is known to increase the intelligibility of synthetic speech, little research exists with respect to the influence of prosody.
Drawing upon and interacting with figures such as Rorty, Levinas, Wittgenstein, Derrida, and Kierkegaard, Wallace asks whether, in the face of increasingly formidable challenges to the very intelligibility of theological discourse, we can still argue for a coherent and compelling understanding of the Holy Spirit.
com)-- Performing speech intelligibility measurements is quicker and easier with Bruel & Kjaer's new, battery-powered speech sound source.
Instead of speaking about concepts and meanings, and wondering about their location (in minds, in things, in some "third realm", in the play of linguistic signs), he speaks about the interplay between things and their intelligibility, and considers concrete examples of how intelligibility typically comes to light.
While hearing-impaired children speak, segmental and prosodic errors occur, so the intelligibility of their speeches is affected.
We feel very strongly that kind of approach, dismantling something that is already a ruin, would reduce both its impact and its intelligibility to the public, and that it would be a big mistake" said Frank E.
StereoSurround adds a spatial dimension to video calls, enhancing the intelligibility and comprehension of information.