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STI, however, is a metric for speech intelligibility more applicable to high-noise environments where intelligibility is primary and quality is a secondary concern.
Unilateral CI has successfully provided significant improvement in auditory perception and speech intelligibility in children with severe bilateral SNHL.
Recent investigations in several ELF contexts (Zoghbor 2011; O'Neal 2015; Deterding and Mohamad 2016) have analysed whether accurate vowel quality is indeed necessary for international intelligibility, or whether some approximation to any native variety of English is imperative.
Those gains in speech intelligibility could also be predicted based on the accuracy with which those individuals played the game.
This section presents the concepts of intelligibility and reviews some empirical studies on this issue involving Brazilians and other L1 speakers learning English who participated as listeners or talkers in these studies.
An exception to this is /[eth]/ and /[theta]/, which do not seem to cause intelligibility problems and may be replaced by/v/ and/f/, respectively, or even /d/ and /t/.
PCC-R generates a scale of different degrees of speech impairment according to the number of changes found, that is, the wider the changes, the greater the impairment of the phonological system, and the lower the speech intelligibility [16,17].
In Russia studies of speech characteristics and speech intelligibility and recognition in noise environment started in the middle of 20th century ([18-20], etc.).
Linear Acoustic APTO provides fully coherent channels and mix balance, dialogue intelligibility, control-lable target values and very efficient processing time.
Of course, dynamics and speech intelligibility are the main features for a stunning movie experience.
(13) Thus, truth is grounded in the intelligibility of act (as opposed to the obscurity of potency); it is this intelligibility of act that allows for the adequation with the mind, for as Aquinas frequently argues, something is knowable inasmuch as it is in act.
Furthermore, the intelligibility we seek is perhaps not always of this kind.