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On the one hand, there is a need for the intelligible, or the intelligibility of reality, to be located within a framework of universals; for all knowledge is knowledge of universals.
Users can measure the speech intelligibility of a sound reinforcement system using an excitation signal, played directly from DIRAC, through the sound device output or from an external device such as a CD or MP3 player.
Wearing half-face elastomeric respirators with voice augmentation equipment was associated with higher speech intelligibility than models without this equipment.
The results of this study revealed that the monaural intelligibility of Greek esophageal voice is generally poorer than the intelligibility of normal speech for both conditions.
For example, the percentage of intelligibility for high-quality synthesizers, such as DECtalk (a high-quality form of synthetic speech manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation) in a single-word intelligibility task ranged from 81.
While the choreographer and his cohorts--Marjorie Folkman, Charlton Boyd, and Shawn Gannon caught the musical stresses of Sitwell's verse with all their exaggerated rubati, they failed to muster the requisite intelligibility for these unique miniatures and were frequently drowned out by the ensemble from the Berkeley Symphony, conducted smartly by Robert Cole.
Though specific acoustic values weren't given for the A-Class, Rieter claims the underbody shield typically produces an aerodynamic improvement of about 10%, as much as a 12dB reduction in noise levels, and a 10% improvement in speech intelligibility.
The gut-wrenching cries from both Xavier Caro and his mother-in-law were interspersed with only moments of intelligibility.
These objects, while clearly three-dimensional, are also alienated from any normal intelligibility.
As for the editing, montage is not pastiche, and The Heart of the World's remarkable intelligibility amid a blistering pace reveals how much more he owes to Dziga Vertov than whimsy, certainly not a pastiche in the cynical postmodern sense of the word.
Drawing upon and interacting with figures such as Rorty, Levinas, Wittgenstein, Derrida, and Kierkegaard, Wallace asks whether, in the face of increasingly formidable challenges to the very intelligibility of theological discourse, we can still argue for a coherent and compelling understanding of the Holy Spirit.
Voice Solution Significantly Improves Vocal Intelligibility of Rocketfish EX7 Headset by Applying Noise Cancelation Technologies for both Near and Far End Users