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However, this approach does not produce anything nearing intelligible speech, leading the Columbia team to use a computer algorithm that can synthesize speech after being trained on recordings of people talking.
As Dionysius later worked out, an intelligible cause is responsible for the reality of its effect (causality), but cannot be the same kind of reality as its effect (negation), but is always more real and more perfect than its effect (superaffirmation).
Assessment of the unfair nature of the terms, according to the Directive, depends on whether all or certain terms offered to the consumer which are in writing, were drafted in plain, intelligible language.
It was further held that their classification for the grant of pension was to be based on intelligible differerentia and having rational nexus with objects sought to be achieved by such classification.
Today's technology utilizes secure and exceptionally intelligible SIP end-devices to provide solutions in IP Intercom and IP Video Intercom communications.
Although Turing, aged nearly 17, showed "distinct promise" in maths, he was chastised for failing to put an "intelligible and legible" solution on paper.
They argue that AristotleAEs philosophical positions and supporting arguments require looking at expository principles for their full understanding, showing the significance to the idea that Aristotle moves from what is more intelligible to people to what is more intelligible by nature and suggesting that his view is revealed in the progressive unfolding of a unified position extended over a single book, an entire treatise, or several of his works.
1" addresses in condensed form a great many topics to which Plotinus elsewhere devotes extended discussion, including the problem of the multiple self; eternity and time; the unity-in-duality of intellect and the intelligible; and the derivation of intelligible being from the One.
Chairing the opening of the international conference on broadcasting media in Tunisia in Gammarth, he said the government has made every effort to fortify the foundations of pluralist and intelligible information based on international standards and professional ethics.
Examining the decline of Christianity in Western churches, Haight suggests an innovative project to make Christianity and its doctrines once again intelligible, meaningful, and applicable to its faithful today.
Ottosson helped make everything in this film intelligible and illuminating.
The LRAD-RX offers highly intelligible speech transmissions over 3,000 meters providing naval personnel additional time and valuable information to assess and appropriately respond to threat situations.