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The treatise discusses the different meanings of potentiality and actuality as well as the way each of them applies or does not apply to the sensible realm, to the intelligible realm, and to matter.
This article concerns arguments for the impossibility of contact action and, subsequently, the use of force fields to render intelligible apparent cases of contact action.
President and CEO of LRAD, Tom Brown, said : 'These orders reflect the continued value that the Gulf Cooperation Council members see in the LRAD 500X, that allows for intelligible mass communication and effective public safety and crowd management.
In chapter one, Kalin surveys the arguments for and against the thesis outlined by Sadra provided in his magnum opus al-Asfar al-Arba'a on the unification of intellect and the intelligible within the Greco-Alexandrian context as well as within the context of Islamic philosophy.
Of matter some is intelligible, some perceptible, and part of the formula is always matter and part is actuality, e.
These exceptions concern review of the unfairness of the contract terms, a review that relates neither to the definition of the main subject-matter of the contract nor to the adequacy of the price and remuneration, on the one hand, and the services or goods to be supplied in exchange, on the other, provided such terms are drafted in plain, intelligible language.
in ecology) tidy, intelligible summaries of work in other fields.
The objective of this article is to provide Turkish teachers of English with a description of realistic and at the same time intelligible pronunciation for teaching and testing purposes.
One feels that an early acquaintance with the lucid and urbane writings of Sir Ernest Arthur Gowers (1880-1966) could possibly have encouraged Tafuri to adopt a tighter, more intelligible style.
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