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Many hard of hearing children have a complete language foundation, but might not have the capability of speaking intelligibly. It is important that parents understand that the ability to speak is not related to the child's intelligence.
It is, therefore, an art that must be consciously and intelligibly developed,' continued the Chancellor.'
OTHER AUTHORS HAVE TOLD THE grim story of eugenics much more intelligibly and interestingly than Perry--indeed, his short, disjointed account relies heavily on two excellent books, Edwin Black's War against the Weak (2003) and Daniel Kevles's In the Name of Eugenics (1985)--but Perry's point is clear enough and undeniably correct: a crude form of biological determinism gave rise to great cruelty and bloodshed.
George's Guild consists of a body of persons who think, primarily, that it is time for honest persons to separate themselves intelligibly from knaves" (30: 3).
It will intelligibly introduce the key tendencies of the global technological revolution to the visitors: from new materials, energy and artificial intelligence to transport technologies, robotization and game industry.
Each rhetorical term and device is explained clearly and intelligibly, and the examples are discussed in such a way as to suggest, rather than dictate, how they might impact performance.
But from the morally outraged postings, it was clear to me that intelligibly a third of the aggrieved bleaters hadn't gotten that far.
While some singers may lament the lack of IPA transcriptions in the volume, this book is intended as a tool to singing Russian both intelligibly and intelligently--that is, with accurate pronunciation and an understanding of the text.
But without exception, in all the cases, the easiness in accessing a web-site has a major importance, by the fact that, if potential clients cannot easily, comfortably and intelligibly use the web-site, then there is the risk for them to permanently give up trying to access it.
Grammar teaches us how to read and how to understand what we are reading, and it teaches us the rules for writing intelligibly, according to the rules of a particular language.
In her original video and subsequent media interview posted online, the young child calmly and intelligibly makes her case, arguing that her parents were going to force her to marry against her will.