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A lack of moderation. Habitual intemperance is that degree of intemperance in the use of intoxicating liquor which disqualifies the person a great portion of the time from properly attending to business. Habitual or excessive use of liquor.



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"While this court has repeatedly concluded that 'cases involving a judge's rude or intemperate behavior in open court' are subject to discipline ...
Coun Cook responded: "Yes, I suppose it might have been a bit intemperate. But I have my view." Asked what he would say to the colleague who referred to the stormtroopers incident, he said: "I would tell him to shove it up his backside."
Last week, when Advani said Dr Singh was the weakest Prime Minister that the country had had, the PM had suggested that Mr Advani not use harsh words or intemperate language.
Despite nearly universal recognition of Warne's talents, his reputation with fans and cricket authorities remained mixed, owing to a succession of intemperate actions in both his professional and his private life.
In fond memory of his former intemperate self, Sacks (Harvard U.) retains the sweeping assertions and dubious jokes from the 1972 edition, but silently tidies up the many typographical and some mathematical messes.
"It's clear that the Prime Minister's intemperate and incendiary comments have dismissed and discounted these kind of acts which represent the fulfilment of a relationship that has grown in the past forty years from a spirit of deep friendship and mutual respect," McTeague said.
THE intemperate intervention by the anonymous writer of "Lamentable" (ECHO Letters, July 19) into serious matters of concern only to Christians, served primarily to demonstrate just howlittle he/she understands Christians and their religion.
Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas resigned yesterday in the wake of her intemperate remarks on May 27 that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and return to Germany, Poland and other countries of origin.
KATHMANDU, April 23 -- The government has criticised the recent activities of the UCPN (Maoist) as 'violent and intemperate'.
I am delighted that the Prime Minister has made this statement and admitted what I said was right and those who attacked me were wrong, intemperate and cheap.
In his intemperate rant against shooting sports he uses phrases like "trail of destruction and death", "gunned down" and "mass slaughter".