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SOCRATES: And can either a young man or an elder one be good, if they are intemperate and unjust?
As a man Jonson, pugnacious, capricious, ill-mannered, sometimes surly, intemperate in drink and in other respects, is an object for only very qualified admiration; and as a writer he cannot properly be said to possess that indefinable thing, genius, which is essential to the truest greatness.
Who is that intemperate and brutal man whom we would redeem?
Then mad or intemperate pleasure must never be allowed to come near the lover and his beloved; neither of them can have any part in it if their love is of the right sort?
But they would have nothing to do with unhealthy and intemperate subjects, whose lives were of no use either to themselves or others; the art of medicine was not designed for their good, and though they were as rich as Midas, the sons of Asclepius would have declined to attend them.
To prevent therefore, for the future, such intemperate abuses of leisure, of letters, and of the liberty of the press, especially as the world seems at present to be more than usually threatened with them, I shall here venture to mention some qualifications, every one of which are in a pretty high degree necessary to this order of historians.
But he was a good chap, Ewbank, and don't you imagine he was at all intemperate.
As he said this, he glanced at Sir John, who lifted his hands and eyebrows, as if deploring the intemperate conduct of Mr Haredale, and smiled in admiration of the crowd and of their leader.
She also had a softer public image than her husband, and this helped to moderate the president's often impulsive and intemperate personality.
Certainly the chief minister cannot be pushed down from the winners slot but its Rajya Sabha spokesperson Derek O'Brien certainly beats his colleagues in the intemperate language competition," Singh said, adding O'Brien had certainly not acquired his asset from being a quiz master.
A Labour councillor, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "This intemperate use of language by Ralph is wholly inappropriate and entirely out of proportion given the mundane concerns he is expressing.
Ford gained notoriety for his civic intemperate statements and personal life.