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37) The intendancy offered scholarships to island students interested in pursuing teaching degrees in Bogota, Cartagena, or Medellin, thus competing for children whose parents considered sending them to study in Jamaica or the United States.
According to a report of the Police Intendancy of Huancavelica, the following deliveries of mercury were made from Huancavelica to Cerro de Pasco on the following dates:
The public edifices, such as the Government building, the Intendancy, the Counsel building, and the most solid structures, like the new church, the new Corps de Garde, the powder magazine and private houses, were no more than heaps.
The principal centralist innovation, the intendancy, created by a Royal Ordinance of 1782, was aimed at subordinating the cabildos and in some cases substituting the royal mayors and the chief town magistrates.
Yet, de-privatizing the provincial taxes and reintroducing the intendancy system in Spain raised proceeds for the royal coffers and intensified royal power in the provinces.
It is titled "Report presented to the Intendancy of the Province of Concepcion, by Ambrosio Lozier, Simon Rodriguez and Juan Jose Arteaga, nominated to recognize the city of Concepcion and its surroundings after the earthquake of February 20, 1835" (Rodriguez, 1835) and denoted herein as "Rodriguez' report".
In the late 1980s, the ELN's size was thought to be 500 with its theater of operations extending to vast stretches of Colombia's eastern plains and portions of the departments of Norte de Santander, Santander, Bolivar, Cauca, and Antioquia, and the intendancy of Arauca.
Rene Velazquez, "The Intendancy of Alejandro Ramirez in Puerto Rico" (Ph.