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INTENDANT. One who has the charge, management, or direction of some office, department, or public business.

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These are your children, who were saved from death by the intendant of your gardens, and brought up by him as if they were his own.
Barrie Kosky, Intendant (General Director) of Komische Oper Berlin, has built his company's considerable reputation on a series of highly regarded, outrageous, colourful productions such as their Don Giovanni, Die schone Helena (Offenbach's La belle Helene) and fabulous revivals of interwar German operettas like Oscar Straus' Die Perlen der Cleopatra.
For example, an explorer is across from an explorer, an intendant is across from an intendant, and so on.
During the height of the season, traffic, weather and sheer volume of waste creates a whole different approach to collection, says Brenda McQueen, super intendant of buildings and solid waste director for Currituck County, which holds the contract with Bay Disposal.
Nominated by: Colt Gill, Bethel School District super intendant, and Judy Newman, co-director, Early Childhood CARES and strategic adviser to the Lane Early Learning Alliance.
I have worked on various Austrian stages from the Wiener Staatsoper to Linz whose new opera house opened with my production of Philip Glass' new opera Spuren der Verirrten last year, but my main focus has been on the Bregenz Festival where I made my debut in 1989, and have enjoyed 10 marvellous years as Intendant since 2004.
Told in three parts, the book features the stories of Jean George Talon, Shannagan Talon, and Trevallion Talon, three fictionalized descendants of the first Intendant of New France.
One helpful feature is the inclusion of the German equivalent as she explains the various positions, such as the artistic director or intendant.
S'il touchent a mon intendant, a mon masseur, je m'en vais", avait-il declare a America TV dans la nuit de dimanche a lundi.
After centuries of viceregal dominance across South America, the hierarchy of power among Spanish bureaucrats was significantly altered with the Bourbon introduction of the intendant system.