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Thats why today we proposed to delay, until further notice, the effective date of those portions of the final rule that would have revised the FDAs existing regulations describing the types of evidence that may be considered in determining a medical products intended uses.
Tutor monitoring and error correction focuses only on the intended learning outcome and students are invited to try to correct the error themselves, with a view to engendering self-analysis and independent error correction outside the classroom, which is particularly important for dyslexics.
This is not likely because it is intended to be read and used by the specific client and not third parties.
The company's problem was not the loss of the equipment; the problem was that the equipment loss was intended to generate an economic benefit--a huge economic benefit--and that benefit did not materialize.
(13) This exception was also intended to be extremely narrow and, thus, has very limited application for most tax practitioners.
The architects intended to achieve a fusion of secular and metaphysical experiences through light, shadow, colour and movement, before visitors and congregation take their place inside.
Of those who found employment, about 4 in 10 found a job in their intended occupation.
"The Intended User of this appraisal report is the Lender/Client.
The following week, the Times-Dispatch did a follow-up story about this shooting, and though this article set the record straight about what actually happened on that fateful night, the story still emphasized that the boy never really intended to hurt anyone.
The resources are annotated with the subject, format, and intended audience.
Participants were also asked how long they had waited to initiate sex with their most recent main and casual partners, and how long they intended to wait with their next partner of each type.
Regarding the recycling of this CCA-treated wood, which is often used as lumber for outdoor decks, stairs and playground equipment, the EPA says, "Any CCA-treated wood used to produce wood mulch is not the 'materials' intended end use,' therefore wood mulch produced from CCA-treated wood is not exempt from regulation as hazardous waste." The real or intended end use of CCA wood is as a building material, the memo says.