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Not for some time would Johnny answer this question, and then only when Kennan told him that there was no harm done and that he intended to let the black go.
Mrs Deborah having succeeded beyond her hopes in her inquiry, returned with much triumph, and, at the appointed hour, made a faithful report to Mr Allworthy, who was much surprized at the relation; for he had heard of the extraordinary parts and improvements of this girl, whom he intended to have given in marriage, together with a small living, to a neighbouring curate.
Again, SOP 98-5 is not intended to override an entity's inventory accounting policy.
1, 1997, the corporation intended to be an S corporation.
The district court's reasoning for this ruling was as follows: Although public investors who read and relied on 10-K filings and a company's annual reports likely constituted a large group whose members were not individually designated in advance, nevertheless they represented an identifiable group for whose benefit and guidance the firm either intended to supply the information or knew that SRC intended to supply it.
The Company intends to vigorously oppose ATSeIU attempt to replace EPLeIUs experienced directors with its own handpicked, paid nominees who are intended to facilitate a transaction between EPL and ATS at a price the EPL Board has already determined is inadequate and not in the best interests of stockholders.
The intended sale is consistent with Myers Industries' previously announced Strategic Business Evolution, which includes divesting non-strategic operations, reinvesting in key business segments, and reducing debt.
Seligman TargETFund 2045SM, which is intended for a person who expects to retire or otherwise reach his/her investment goal around the year 2045.
Products and Technologies: Primarily intended for users of Vignette products who are eager to better understand them at a feature and function level.
The company's problem was not the loss of the equipment; the problem was that the equipment loss was intended to generate an economic benefit--a huge economic benefit--and that benefit did not materialize.
However, Congress realized that tax advisers were often failing to properly allocate the GST exemption to trusts ultimately intended to benefit skip persons.
Participants were also asked how long they had waited to initiate sex with their most recent main and casual partners, and how long they intended to wait with their next partner of each type.