intended for youth

See: juvenile
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Closed Case Services are intended for youth who are primarily self-supporting, and maintaining an independent household.
"Reasonable Doubt's" culpability is blindingly obvious: Noisy and excessive where the original was hushed and restrained, and wholly devoid of mystique, this brash and nervously busy Michael Douglas vehicle is presumably intended for youth auds more familiar with pro-tag Jesse Metcalfe than with one-eyed German Expressionists.
However, their content is as influential and dangerous as former rhymes', with meanings known and intended for youth with technological transmissions reaching intended populations instantly.
Sixty spaces are secure custody, intended for youth who have been found guilty by the court or are in pre-trial detention for serious offences.
In addition there are useful lists: works intended for youth concerts, significant anniversaries of composers, and composer groupings for thematic programming.