intended result

See: end, intent, purpose
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An amendment to the 1996 Electricity and Water Law to punish people for faulty electricity connections has been withdrawn following feedback from the government that it would not achieve the intended result and needed proper changes.
The ball slips wide of the posts which then magically split apart - the intended result of the soul diva's penalty crossing the line BETWEEN them.
The intended result of the plot was to place pressure on the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government for failing to provide security for its citizens.
The play-on-words in these poems is delightful and thought-provoking, especially because the intended result is simply to make you laugh.
The intended result is fine art laced with strong, distinct decorative elements.
Such a paradox certainly wasn't the intended result of the long-awaited FCC report on the subject released last week, but there's no escaping it.
The intended result is to "fill a critical void for Fortune 500 companies in getting know-how out of experts and into useable systems," by finding, keeping and using knowledge present but difficult to locate within organizations.
We are entirely unconvinced that it will deliver the intended result.
They believed there was a lack of communication about the plan, its programme and its intended result.
The pact also entails a product-development aspect: machine-tool and controls builder Hurco will combine its real-time, object-oriented software with MDSI's related technology; the intended result is to gather and broadcast machine data and push it through a factory intranet or the Internet to enable Hurco to offer online support, remote diagnostics, etc.
County of Inyo concerns an instance in which police activity brought about an intended result.