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Sampling for intense laboratory control is stopped either after it is confirmed that 10 product consignments comply with the safety requirements of the Russian Federation, or at the end of the three-month period.
If it is going to be intense, we can deal with that.
Intense Lighting will operate as a new, standalone business unit and maintain operations in Anaheim.
Announcing the results of the company C K Shastri, Chairman & Managing Director of Intense Technologies said "This quarter is a great illustration of our product strategy and revenue profile of our company.
Talking to this news agency the residents of sector F-6 complained that sui gas is being supplied with intense low pressure in the sector while pressure of sui gas is intense low during 5 am to 11 am and 6 pm to 12 pm.
INTENSE FOCUS, the Dewhurst Stakes winner, will face five rivals when he reappears in the Leopardstown 2,000 Guineas Trial today.
Effective in a wide range of red berries including blackcurrant, sour cherry, raspberry and strawberry, Rapidase Intense performs direct juice clarification at the natural pH of the berry.
Bodies and minds are in a constant state of flux as young people confront intense emotions and novel experiences.
Three intense earthquakes hit which town in the southern U.
Daughter to King Jerome and Queen Solange, Gabrielle has powers to heal through touch--touch and an intense physical concentration of her thoughts and energy.