intense study

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For some it will just be a case of reaching level 10 on a driving game, for others it will involve posters and the intense study of performance machines.
Andrew Shifflett's Stoicism, Politics and Literature in the Age of Milton is a slim but intense study in several respects paralleling Loxley's, though primarily from the polar political perspective -- loosely described as "republican, libertarian, and oppositional" (3).
But Carr has already began his intense study of a 5ft 10in rangey rival who always struggles to make the weight.
If any villain has been caught with a smoking gun during these three years of intense study, it's not sulfur or nitrogen in acid deposition, but ozone.
At the core of Magid's work is an intense study of consumer behaviors and attitudes towards all aspects of communication and entertainment.
To start with we have lined up the Xenon, the Super Ace and the Ace at MIAS based on our intense study and understanding of the customers and their requirements in Philippines.
You may think that this would take intense study and a deep-seated interest in economics, but this is only partly true.
After three weeks of intense study and practical work experience, 12 young people aged 16 to 25 have successfully gained a FA Level One coaching badge.
Last year, Des completed a year of intense study in the Connemara Gaeltacht in an effort to speak Ireland's mother tongue fir his Name of the Fada series.
As a result of this substantially increased time at the piano, Henry developed a practice regimen consisting of an hour of scale work, a daily review of the complete Chopin Erodes, followed by the intense study of pieces.
But even with the intense study sessions, there's no way the students could learn all the facts thrown at them.
Tabliq is a Muslim sect known for its intense study of the Koran, while a militant branch in central Africa has been linked to revolution in Uganda.