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Owners said dogs were barking agitatedly and staring intensely NEIL POWELL STUDENT YESTERDAY
Fresh, intensely fragrant, this stellar wine is ripe with fleshy white peach and pineapple, great acidity and a clean finish.
Administration officials who have worked intensely on the issue watched from the visitors' gallery despite the hour.
This is at times an intensely moving tribute to those who came through some very tough days, times when a sense of humour and a sense of fair play really were its defining qualities.
I also intensely dislike reality programmes where the presenter is supposedly struggling through rugged or hazardous situations, but who is obviously accompanied by several camera crews who must have at least two 4x4s out of shot and often a helicopter as well.
Annie, an ice skating coach and former Olympic hopeful, intensely trains Madison in skating for a chance at great success.
I had no idea so many seemingly professional communicators believe it's acceptable to remain so intensely "on message" that they ignore the questions they've been asked.
Armitage describes it as a "voyage where you have tremendous beauty and grace, but which doesn't leave out those things that are intensely contradictory, even aggressive and violent.
Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making Of A Movie Star provides an candid, informative, and intensely personal autobiography by one of Hollywood's biggest names: and here Tab speaks out for the first time about what it was like to be a movie star around 1950, when he was first 'discovered' by an agent.
For instance, this might mean giving raises only to highly effective teachers, and taking the rest of the money that would have gone to across-the-board raises and focus it on professional development intensely targeted on teachers who are not performing up to par.
Moly-Sabata was of its time yet intensely antimodern, driven as it was by Gleizes's advocacy of a retour a la terre.
When we read the book aloud, our 6-year-old test subject was a little wiggly but quickly settled down to intensely listen to the story.