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It was literally teeming, stratified, with the shades of human groups, who had met there for tragedy, comedy, farce; real enactment of the intensest kind.
The intensest political poetry volatilizes issue or event in the image-event of the poem, in the formalizing and often distorting fires of poetic speech.
24) Many of the intensest scenes pass with few words, and a notation of bodily signs doubles with--momentarily almost displacing--the summary of mental states.
It is remarkable that the latest bright color that is general should be this deep, dark scarlet and red, the intensest of colors.
This approximation is "pleasure," which in its intensest and purest form corresponds to "taste.
One of Herzog's central affirmations, exhibit A or B in any case for the novel's advocacy of self-effacement, takes the form of aphorism: "Everything of intensest significance.
There is a poetry fueled by an excess of that will, a poetry of the intensest memories and desires.
With her he went in for the intensest flow, the heightening,
10) Plato, of course, believed that the mundane was merely an illusory shadow of ultimate reality; Pater, siding with the Oxford Personalists, believed that the Absolute, far from negating finite forms and selves, is itself their intensest relationship.
Probably the intensest point in the poem is a digression, on how the walking stick is actually made.