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Microreactor technology and process intensification.
These mechanisms resulted in the intensification of local identity.
These production figures have been achieved by extraordinary changes and intensification in poultry production methods that have incidentally created a largely ignored crisis in environmental management.
Conversion in the Gospels may be apostasy from something else, intensification of faith, affiliation, institutional transition, and/or tradition transition.
Although the six-month investigation by the environment, planning and transport committee is intended to restrict itself to work being done at the county council level, the committee is certain to hear from groups claiming that the real problem is national, not local - and that policies for the intensification of agriculture have to take much of the blame.
ITT Industries Night Vision of Roanoke, VA, and Raytheon Co., Dallas, TX, have announced a strategic teaming agreement by which the two leaders in image intensification and thermal imaging technologies will develop and produce night vision sensor fusion technology.
Expanding agricultural production, urban growth, development of new industries, such as the "New Draperies" and mining, availability of credit, and the intensification of trade, are all parts of Wrightson's answer.
Judd, who specialises in charting the fortunes of nations, warned the world to expect an "intensification, and hopefully resolution of religious conflict worldwide (Israel, N.Ireland and Afghanistan etc)...while extremism will rise in the short-term".
The intensification of competition and the openness to trade in goods and services that the United States brings to the table are far more effective at keeping inflation in check or recession at bay than current tools being used--interest rates and tight money.
It explores the ways in which Member States co-operate in matters of criminal law and policing, the intensification in such co-operation following the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties, and the likely impact of measures adopted at EU level on national criminal law and policing.
The Texas incident was caused when a metal pipe pressing against a plastic pipe generated stress intensification that led to a crack in the plastic pipe, the NTSB said.
The new, planning vision is called main streets intensification. Its aim is to increase residential density, cut down on urban sprawl, and make urban transit more economical and efficient.