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1]] Physicians were also concerned about recommending intensification if a patient had a mental illness or altered mental status (48%),[sup.
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WYG and Natural Resources Institute (NRI) are pleased to launch the call for concept notes for the Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Research and Learning Programme in sub-Saharan Africa (SAIRLA) research opportunity.
Side effects, cost, cultural issues, and a lack of established patient-provider relationship played relatively minor roles in influencing pharmacologic intensification.
For ecological intensification to deliver on the high hopes and expectations that have been identified by agronomists and ecologists, it will be necessary to address the very nature of our annual crop ecosystems.
of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, and colleagues examined the initial choice of a glucose-lowering medication on the time to subsequent treatment intensification, as well as hypoglycemia, diabetes-related emergency department visits or cardiovascular events.
It was aimed to strengthen and deepen cooperation between the two countries in medicine, as well as the "Day of the German Economy", the agenda of which included the study of new opportunities for partnerships and the intensification of contacts between the business communities of the two countries.
The intensification of mortar shelling against government- controlled areas, which occurs almost daily in Syria, has coincided with intense battles currently underway between government troops and armed militant groups in Damascus' eastern suburb of Jobar, a hotbed for insurgency against the administration of President Bashar al-Assad.
Of 27,947 patients with LDL-C levels of less than 100 mg/dL (the guideline-recommended LDL-C target) 9,200 had additional lipid tests without treatment intensification during the following 11 months.
This intensification has resulted in significantly greater global summer monsoon rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere than predicted from greenhouse-gas-induced warming alone - namely a 9.
The situation in Pakistan, throughout Pakistan since Osama bin Laden s death, has seen an intensification of fighting and an intensification of violence," said Pascal Cuttat, the International Committee of the Red Cross s head in Pakistan.
At heart a rallying cry to do more with less, sustainable intensification should be the key guiding principle for food production in the 21st century, argues the Foresight think tank.