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Talat and Christofias are set to gather again on tomorrow for the last meeting of the first round of intensified talks.
Ban told Talat he hoped that a great improvement would take place during intensified talks on Cyprus which will start on January 11.
Tropical cyclone warning signals were lifted as tropical depression 'Kiko' intensified and slowed down towards Balintang Channel on Wednesday.
Arevalo, DOH Bicol OIC Director, said the intensified program of the national government on illegal drugs has created a sudden influx of people seeking treatment which likewise demand for intensified intervention programs from the government.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned the Bastille Day attack in the French city of Nice, calling for intensified efforts to confront terrorism and violent extremism.
The traffic patrols will be intensified near shopping areas, mosques, squires and parks.
The president said there was hope to resolve the matter by the end of the year if the intensified talks created more convergences or if there was the will to that end.
Patrols will also be intensified in areas with pedestrians just before iftar, as they are prone to run-over accidents because motorists speed and are less attentive at that time.
Srinagar -- In occupied Kashmir, Indian army and police have intensified crackdowns and night operations in a south Kashmir.
US regulators have intensified the scrutiny of bank boards, WSJ has reported.
Security in Mindanao, especially in Davao City, has been intensified after reports of alleged terrorist threats in that city.
It was after TRMM spotted the hot towers in Bopha that the storm intensified into a typhoon.