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We believe in intensifying the peaceful, legitimate pressure on Iran - so that's what people will see much more of over the coming weeks," the paper quoted Hague, as saying.
We need effective lobbying and the effort is intensifying," he said.
We can expect intensifying climate calamities, as millions of environmental refugees flee their low-lying homes with the approach of each season's storms.
Enhanced price consciousness and emerging visibility of smaller independent UPS companies are resulting in intensifying competition.
Twenty years ago, 3M (NYSE: MMM) introduced the Trimax(TM) system, an intensifying screen system that allowed radiologists to greatly reduce the amount of radiation needed for X-ray examinations.
In contrast, says Olson, "core-spot' pairs appear to move westward and poleward; they appear at midlatitudes under the Indian Ocean, intensifying as they drift under South Africa and into the southern Atlantic Ocean.
In view of surging healthcare costs, most of the European nations have implemented stringent cost -containing measures, resulting in intensifying pressure on profits.
Product Innovation Essential to Combat Intensifying Competition
Tenders are invited for Supply of lead intensifying screen radiography lead intensifying screen 0.
Despite days of intensifying rumors of a likely resignation, the timing caught even close associates by surprise.